Best Places To Buy Football Boots

Someone in black socks wearing a pair of black boots with white trim and branding down the sides.
Credit: Feo con Ganas

Someone in black socks wearing a pair of black boots with white trim and branding down the sides.
Credit: Feo con Ganas

Whether you're just starting your journey or need to refresh your footwear mid-season, our list of the best places to buy football boots has you covered.

Like our list of the best places to buy football kits, we've put together a selection of amazing online stores to visit for boots based on their selection, returns policy, ease of use, and any other features that we believe make these websites worth checking out.

More specifically, we've picked out places that are easy to navigate to specific models, ideally within just one or two clicks, plus stores that offer free returns in case you're not 100% satisfied with your order.

That said, we've made sure to cover specific manufacturers like Nike and adidas as well as sports outlets like Pro:Direct Soccer to ensure that, regardless of whether you have a specific boot in mind or just want to browse a wide selection of brands, our list has you covered.

We've also provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on places to buy football boots to help you pick out the right footwear for your specific needs. So, if you need to buy some football boots, we've got everything you need right here. Let's dive in...

Best places to buy football boots

  1. Nike
  2. adidas
  3. PUMA
  4. SportsDirect
  5. Pro:Direct Soccer
A collection of four bright orange Nike football boots in a football net.
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Credit: Fachry Zella Devandra

1. Nike

When it comes to its selection, Nike deep roster of some of the best football boots is hard to beat, especially as it designs footwear for every position on the pitch.

For instance, if you're a quick striker looking to beat the offside trap like Erling Haaland this season, then Nike's line of Mercurials has you covered thanks to their lightweight build and speed cage structure.

The wide variety of boots is certainly impressive. However, we're even more of a fan of how easy the website is to use. You can search for both men's and women's boots from the drop-down menus, as well as by specific models under the collections tab to make finding the boots you want that bit easier.

You also get 30 days (60 on most orders in the US) to return your boots if you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, thus doubling down on why we think Nike is well worth checking out for football boots.

A pair of bright orange adidas football boots laying at the corner of a football pitch.
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Credit: Fachry Zella Devandra

2. adidas

Like Nike, adidas makes football boots for some of the biggest stars in the game.

This is because it manufactures the incredible Copa and Predator football boots, both of which are designed to maximise your touch with Control Zone print technology and, in turn, help you dominate the centre of the field.

Again, you can filter down to football boots via the drop-down menus across the top, then again by the type of ground you play on to help you find the right type of footwear to suit your game.

Moreover, adidas has a 60-day free returns policy and allows you to track your package to keep you in the loop with the process which, in our opinion, gives you extra peace of mind when making a purchase.

A pair of black PUMA football boots laying on grey ground..
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Credit: Braden Hopkins


PUMA's excellent range of lightweight footwear provides an ideal starting point to start searching for football boots. For instance, PUMA's range boasts the impressive Future boots which feature FUZIONFIT+ Adaptive compression technology, enabling more explosive movements on the pitch and facilitating breakthroughs through defensive lines with ease.

Navigating their website is straightforward, as all you need to find football boots is conveniently presented through the drop-down menus at the top of the page.

PUMA occasionally runs sales events as well, offering an opportunity to purchase your desired boots and top sportswear at a reduced price.

Additionally, PUMA's returns policy is good, allowing 30 days to return items for free after receipt, with the convenience of a pre-provided return label to streamline the process.

Picture of inside a SportsDirect store featuring mannequins wearing football kits and football boots on the walls.
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Credit: SportsDirect

4. SportsDirect

Moving away from specific manufacturers now and on to SportsDirect which, in our opinion, has an excellent selection that even includes some of the best football boots under 100.

So, if you're not sure which brand to go for, or you're looking to pick up some amazing football boots for less, then we feel this website is definitely worth checking out.

The store allows you to filter brands and specific models. One feature we particularly like is that it shows how many football boots it has available under each category.

Returns-wise, SportsDirect provides a full refund within 28 days, provided your boots have not been used or fitted, thus giving you plenty of time to decide whether you're satisfied with your purchase.

Image from the ProDirect:Soccer website showcasing the selection of football boot brands available including adidas and Nike.
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Credit: Pro:Direct

5. Pro:Direct Soccer

Pro:Direct is the self-proclaimed home of sport, with Pro:Direct Soccer specifically being one of the largest online stores for football boots, shirts, kits, and even some of the best astro turf trainers around.

What we like most about the website is that you can search for football boots by brand, model, ground type, and, a feature we've not seen thus far, by player.

This means that if you're looking to model your game on a specific footballer, then buying the boots worn by the player in question is one way to make a start.

The returns policy is, once again, pretty good, allowing a full refund up to 28 days after receipt. If you're a UK resident, you also benefit from the option of exchanging your boots for an alternative size if you find they don't fit comfortably upon their arrival.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Choosing the best place to buy football boots can often lead to a ton of questions. Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most common queries right here.

When do new football boots get released?

There's not really a set time when new football boots are released as brands will drop new and updated models throughout the season.

However, you may notice a slight upswing in football boot releases toward the start of a new season as manufacturers will look to update their technology to help players perform above and beyond their previous campaigns.

For instance, you may notice brands like Nike and adidas release new versions of their most popular boots around the start of August to tie into the start of the Premier League.

This isn't always the case though and new boots do tend to be released sporadically throughout the year. Therefore, we'd recommend checking in with certain brands from time to time to see if they've dropped any new football boots for you to pick up.

How do you return football boots after purchasing them?

This really depends on where you're buying from.

For instance, orders made through PUMA should come with a pre-paid returns label inside which you simply attach to the package you'd like to send back and hand over to your local courier.

However, some stores may require you to print a returns label yourself from their website rather than supplying one inside your initial package.

It's also important to keep in mind how long you have to return your item(s) for free. For example, Nike offers a 30-day returns policy in the UK, whereas adidas allows up to 60 days to return your boots.

Therefore, we'd recommend checking out the website in question's FAQs section (if it has one) to find out more about how the returns work for that specific location.

Should you buy football boots in a size bigger?

Ensuring a comfortable fit is crucial for performance on the football pitch. However, determining the appropriate size of football boots to purchase can be challenging as it varies among manufacturers.

For example, our comparison guide between Nike and adidas, as well as PUMA sizing, revealed that adidas shoes tend to be half a size smaller than Nike. Moreover, football boots are known to fit tightly, making things even more complicated.

Nonetheless, Pro:Direct Soccer asserts that modern football boots are designed to fit true-to-size unless your feet are unusually wide or narrow and require a custom fit. However, one issue that may contradict this claim is wearing additional socks under your football socks, which can make your feet appear larger. In this case, it might be beneficial to size up or at least increase by half a size to accommodate this additional layer.

If you are uncertain about what size to purchase, measuring your foot size and comparing it to the manufacturer's size chart can help you determine the appropriate size. Our shoe size measurement guide is a good starting point to assist you in this regard.

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