Nintendo Switch: A year of Celebrations for Super Mario Bros. Anniversary - Rumours, Remastered Titles, Paper Mario & more

2020 has already been a busy year for Nintendo with a string of iconic franchises being released, and it's only March!

Their latest entry to the Animal Crossing series has seen a lot of praise since launch, but now we set our sights on the next big thing... the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros!

Mario is instantly recognisable around the world as the face of Nintendo, and so naturally many gamers have been missing his appearance on the Nintendo Switch lately.

For those crying out for more Super Mario games to play you are in luck, as rumour has it Nintendo not only is going to re-master a string of classic Mario favourites, there is also rumours about a new Paper Mario game in the works.

Nintendo is really stepping up its game and promises to celebrate the 35th anniversary of everyone's favourite Italian plumber in style.

Here is a breakdown of all the main rumours circulating at the moment about the re-mastering of various classic Mario games for the 35th anniversary.

A new Paper Mario game

Rumours about a Paper Mario title for the Nintendo Switch have been circulating for a while now, and up until now, it's been mostly wishful thinking amongst fans of the series.

Paper Mario gameplay
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QUIRKY AND FRESH: Paper Mario's unique gameplay would translate well onto the Switch.

However, some very exciting updates could see this becoming a reality soon with a very strong rumour circulating at the moment.

This move by Nintendo would herald a new era of Nintendo trying to return to the golden era of Mario games on the Gamecube and Nintendo 64 and we are very excited for these developments.

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This quirky spin-off to the mainstream Mario series is a fan favourite due to its gorgeous graphics and unique gameplay and would be a welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch library of games.

After all the Nintendo Switch is crying out for some fresh Mario titles to add to the collection and any extra Mario games can only ever be a good thing for Nintendo.

Unfortunately little is known about a potential release date for the new Paper Mario game as it is a very new rumour and it seems like very early days for the game, but it also seems like it will be well worth the wait.

Re-mastered Mario titles

The best news has been left until last in this case, as it can't get any better than this.

super mario 64 cover
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A CLASSIC GEM: A Re-mastered version of this game is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

Rumour has it that Nintendo plans on pursing a game on a similar vain to the classic Mario All Stars 2 which will include re-mastered versions of the best Super Mario games of the past.

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Which games will make a feature do you ask?

Well, according to the rumours the games that will make an appearance are as followed:

Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

It's also rumoured that the 3D World Mario games may get it's own Deluxe version release, and it's unknown whether they will be a compilation or released separately. But either way, it's exciting news.

Do you think the rumours about the re-mastering of the Mario back catalogue are too good to be true?, tell us in the comments below.

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