Nintendo Switch Pro: Release date, specs, 4K, graphics, price, launch titles & everything we know so far

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The Japanese gaming giant had a busy 2019, released the Nintendo Switch Lite which made the console more accessible to a wider audience.

However, rumour has it that Nintendo has an ace up its sleeve in the form of a brand new, more powerful, version of the Nintendo Switch named the Nintendo Switch Pro.

With Sony and Microsoft also launching new consoles in the shape of the PS5 and Xbox Series X this year, 2020 will be the biggest year in gaming this century.

Release date

A prediction of what the Switch Pro could look like
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NINTENDO SWITCH PRO: A prediction on what the console could look like.

The only detail that is relatively certain about the release date is that it will be launching onto shelves in 2020.

With Sony and Microsoft releasing the PS5 and Xbox X Series in late 2020 it is highly likely that Nintendo will also release one in the same year.

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Especially when Nintendo is also releasing a string of franchise favourites this year, it seems almost a given that they will want to show off the upcoming Breath of the Wild 2 on a brand-new Switch console.

Look out for more information to arrive at E3 2020 in June, if not before.


According to some reports the Nintendo Switch Pro will be launching at a retail price of around £299. This will be considerably cheaper than the proposed price for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The price will, of course, depend on whether the Nintendo Switch Pro will have 4K graphics as the more geared up tech sources have promised, but details about the Nintendo Switch Pro at this stage remain tightly under wrapped.


A game on the Nintendo Switch
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THE WITCHER: Being able to play huge games like the Witcher opened up a new world for Nintendo.

One of the major gems of the Nintendo Switch Pro's rumoured specs is that the console will run at least 4k graphics.

Just being able to play titles like The Witcher 3 and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim was a big leap forward for Nintendo, and if Nintendo were to enhance their Switch console with superior graphics and a faster frame rate, it could be a real game-changer and allow Nintendo to port even more titles onto the Nintendo Switch Pro.

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Other dream features of the new console would ideally be a more beefed up processor, CPU and GPU, a 1080p screen and of course superior battery life. To improve upon the current Switch's limited battery life when playing portably.

Another major element fans are wanting to know, is what of course is going to happen to the Joycons. Are Nintendo going to keep them the same or are there going to be significant changes?

Well, one thing for certain is that Nintendo currently has a patent pending for a stylus that slots inside the Joycons, allowing you to draw on the screen. This patent could potentially hint at upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch Pro in the future.

A diagram showing a stylus inside the joycon for Nintendo Switch
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JOYCON STYLUS: Could a stylus pen be added to the Joycons?

Potential launch titles

A brand new Nintendo Switch Pro console spells Nintendo bringing out the big guns in terms of launch titles.

A plethora of Nintendo franchise gems are set to come out mid to late 2020 including; Breath of the Wild 2, Metroid Prime 4, and Bayonetta 3.

This suggests that these titles could be a way of Nintendo showcasing the Switch Pro's features and graphics with these fan favourite games.

Fans of Nintendo have also been predicting potential launch titles, such as: Pikmin 4, Splatoon 3 and a new Mario title. However, whether this remains wishful thinking or concrete truth has yet to be seen.

One thing for sure is that if the Nintendo Switch Pro wants to stand out from the PS5 and Xbox X series consoles, it needs a stellar set of games to coincide with it, and based on the information coming out, Nintendo is taking a big stride forward.

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