Animal Crossing New Horizons: First 3 things to do on your new Island

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With Animal Crossing: New Horizons heading to the Nintendo Switch on 20th March, budding Animal Crossing enthusiasts are already thinking about what to do when they reach their island.

A unique Nintendo Switch design will be released to tomorrow coincide with the game's release, but this is not the only item Animal Crossing fans need to look out for.

But what will be the first thing you do when you reach your new desert island paradise?

Will you explore immediately or take the time to adjust to your new surroundings?

The broadcast Nintendo released recently shows off various ways you can enjoy your new island life.

Including how to set up your tent, how to buy and sell goods, and how to participate in workshops that teach various skills such as DIY.

Here is a guide to the first three things you should consider doing on your new island paradise.

Setting up camp

The first big thing you have to do is set up your tent dwelling. Everyone needs to start somewhere right?

The 2 hemisphere options in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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HEMISPHERES: Experience the seasons differently

But don't worry about not getting it right, there is a colourful cast of characters to guide you through the process.

Once you arrive at Nook Inc. airport you will be given an option of the different types of islands available to move to, will you move to the Northern hemisphere or the Southern hemisphere?

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Once you have chosen you will be given a new arrival orientation session to get you accustomed to your new island, including a warm welcome from Animal Crossing legend Tom Nook.

animal crossing new horizons tent set-up.
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WELCOME TO PARADISE: Your new home awaits

Tom Nook will then provide you with the tent you need to get started. With this tent you can now look for the perfect place to set up camp.

Will this be by the sea or in the forest?

The choice is entirely up to you, and other characters are there to assist you in finding the perfect place.

Meet other villagers

Speaking of other characters, exploring the new environment and meeting other villagers is a must once you have set up your camp.

Villagers are everywhere in this game and are a focal point to the Animal Crossing experience. They are a major reason why the series is so immersive and beloved.

Nintendo have previously announced that 383 villagers will exist in New Horizons including legends like Tom Nook and Isabelle as well as a host of new faces.

383 characters will be included in Animal Crossing New Horizons
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NEW FACES: 383 new villagers await you!

The villagers are not only there to provide companionship and make your island feel less lonely they are also there to provide assistance to you in a variety of ways.

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They are there to provide resident services, challenge you to Bug-offs and fishing competitions, and also provide valuable tips on everything you need to know about island life.

Design your new home

When your tent starts to feel cramped and you are wanting to upsize, you can start the ball rolling when it comes to getting your own house.

Plus with how beautiful and spacious the new homes are in New Horizons, you are going to want to get onto it straight away.

The houses are better than ever before with much more enhanced detail, thanks to the glorious 1080p graphics, and the customisation options available are more expansive than ever before.

Like in previous games in the series, New Horizons offers you mortgage options so you don't have to wait a while to afford your dream home.

Unlike in real life, the loan has no interest and no time limit, making it a fantastic opportunity for your islander to embark on.

Animal Crossing New Horizons House cost
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GENEROUS OFFER: You don't want to refuse this one

The houses also have a handy storage system that allows you to store things you are not currently displaying inside the house helping you avoid the clutter and keep the place ship-shape.

After you have your exterior sorted you are going to want to work on your interior. New Horizons offers more options for you to play with leading to endless hours of home designing.

House exterior in Animal Crossing
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LUXURIOUS LIVING: Why not upgrade your pad?

You can change the layout and patterns inside your house with ease, allowing you more time to focus on island life.

One of the most impressive features of the houses in New Horizons is the ability to add extensions and do re-modeling to your home.

This offers you a wealth of opportunities to re-create incredible houses that you can then show off to your fellow islanders and make them green with envy.

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