Nintendo Switch Update Version 10.0.0: Controller remapping, news bookmarks & more

Tired of the Switch's inversion of A, B, X, and Y? No worries, Nintendo has you covered.

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The Nintendo Switch has picked up some exciting new features with Version 10.0.0. One very popular inclusion is controller remapping.

Let's go over the update that's live as of April 13th.

Controller Remapping

Animal crossing new horizions controllers for nintendo switch
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Switch up the buttons on your Animal Crossing controller with Version 10.0.0

The biggest feature that's coming with Version 10.0.0 is controller remapping. Nintendo's button layout is signature to their own consoles, something that frustrates players. It inverts the traditional A and B buttons, as well as the X and Y buttons. Nintendo purists are used to the swap, but casual players are often caught by surprise.

Thanks to Version 10.0.0, that's no longer an issue.

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With controller remapping players can change their button layout to allow the lowest button to be A, rightmost button to be B, etc. This also allows players to navigate difficult inputs for specific games by remapping accordingly.

Bookmarks for News

The News feature isn't exactly the reason most people pick up a Nintendo Switch. Still, it's a nice, convenient inclusion for those interested.

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To make the News feature more immersive and useful, Nintendo has added a bookmarking feature. Readers will be able to store up to 300 bookmarks across News.

Transferring data with the SD card

nintendo breath of the wild 2 botw e3 2020
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Take your Breath of the Wild save on the go with your SD card

The Nintendo Switch stores data across the system as well as on SD cards. Now with Version 10.0.0, you can transfer data between the two.

This feature will allow players to transfer their saves to and from their SD cards. It means players will be less reliant on having their SD card with them at all times. Some types of data will not fall under this umbrella.

The rest of Version 10.0.0

While those were the major inclusions, Version 10.0.0 does have more to offer.

There will be 6 new Animal Crossing: New Horizon user icons for players to choose.

Play Activity settings have also been moved to a new tab under User Settings.

And of course, along with all of the noteworthy changes, Nintendo has improved console stability as well.

Applying the update

Nintendo Switch where to perform console update Version 10.0.0
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Once you find System Update you're good to go

To apply Version 10.0.0, simply go to System Update under System in System Settings. This is also where you can handle your controller remapping.

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