Nintendo Switch: Everything you missed at Nintendo Direct Mini - Xenoblade Chronicles, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros & more

Nintendo fulfilled their promises recently with the delivery of a short but sweet Nintendo Direct mini broadcast set to please even the most casual of fans.

Although some may be disappointed that this is not the grand reveal of Nintendo new release gameplay that many were speculating about for weeks, it hails the start of something good.

This broadcast is hopefully the start of many to come from Nintendo to fill the void of the lack of E3 2020 coverage and to keep our spirits up during quarantine.

A lot of games were briefly showcased in the new Nintendo Direct mini broadcast including Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive edition, Borderlands and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 to name a few.

Here is the lowdown on the main takeaways from the latest Nintendo Direct mini to get you excited for the upcoming Switch releases.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

The epic fantasy RPG adventure is back and making it's way onto the Nintendo Switch yet again with a brand new take on the game.

The game is hitting the shelves on 29th May and if the footage released of the game is anything to go by, fans of the series will not be disappointed by the enhanced graphics.

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This critically acclaimed RPG is one that will also appeal to people completely new to the game with its engrossing storyline and cast of characters spliced with addictive gameplay.

This is truly a gem that will be added to the Nintendo Switch library and will keep players well occupied with hours and hours of gameplay action.

Pokemon Sword and Shield updates

The wildly popular Pokemon Sword and Shield games are about to get a lot bigger with the announcement of brand new updates that will definitely be a fan favourite.

The first-ever expansion pack for the game allows you to forge your own path and choose your own destiny on the Isle of Armour and the Crown Tundra.

Not to mention the appearance of a new legendry monster Kubfu, who can be evolved into the more menacing Urshifu, whose fighting style depends on what path you take in the expansion pack.

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Part one of the expansion The Isle of Armour is set to be released by the end of June and part two The Crown Tundra is set to be released towards the end of 2020.

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