Nintendo Switch Pro: Coronavirus to push back next console release date?

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The sad news that Last of Us 2 has been indefinitely delayed has been a crushing blow to gamers, and is sparking speculation that other games and even consoles could be delayed next.

It is yet another disappointment to add to the list in 2020 and to add further salt into the wounds, recent news suggests that the delay is even worse than we thought and pre-order refunds are being issued.

This chaos, caused mainly in-part by the ongoing coronavirus crisis, is blighting businesses across the world. It has also left behind an air of uncertainty when it comes to future releases in 2020.

Nintendo has been struggling to keep up with the manufacturing of Nintendo Switch consoles and this has lead to many empty shelves in stores. Which begs the question, What effect will all this disruption have on the Nintendo Switch Pro?

Nintendo Switch Pro: Reality or fiction?

One major stumbling block when considering if The Last of Us 2 delay will have any effect on the Nintendo Switch Pro is whether or not the Nintendo Switch Pro is actually going to be a reality.

Nintendo have yet to confirm whether or not the Switch Pro will be coming at all, but they have said there will be no updates to the current Switch console.

This does not mean that the Switch Pro won't be gracing our stores in 2021. It could just mean at the moment Nintendo have other things on their minds currently, and the Nintendo Switch Pro is taking a backseat.

So due to the huge uncertainty that already exists in the first place, it is highly unlikely the coronavirus panic will have any effect on it at all on.

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Although the current disruption with the current Switch production may mean that Nintendo will choose to spend more time focusing on the current console rather than rushing a new console out.

So we may see a delay after all but only time will tell as to whether this will become a reality, and the current secrecy around this project makes it hard to predict.

Potential release date for the Nintendo Switch Pro

Currently the release date for the Nintendo Switch Pro is completely unknown, there is no official release date and it seems like there won't be for some time.

Nintendo Switch Pro prototype
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RELEASE DATE: Will the Nintendo Switch Pro make a surprise visit to 2020?

It seems unlikely that we will see the Switch Pro in 2020, but it's still not out of the realms of possibility, Nintendo is notoriously secretive when it comes to their releases after all, so it could come sooner than we think.

Do you think the current crisis will have any effect on the release of the Nintendo Switch Pro? or do you think the Nintendo Switch Pro won't be released at all? Tell us in the comments below!

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