PlayStation 5 leak confirmed by Sony's social media?

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When new consoles are on the horizon it can be hard to tell
the difference between rumours, lies, and leaks.

That was why a recent Sony PlayStation 5 info dump on notorious website 4chan was dismissed at first.

However, the leak was incredibly detailed. It mapped out
when the PS5 release date would be, how much it would cost, and how the specs
compared to Xbox Series X.

In short, it was the holy grail for gamers.

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A recent change to a social media account seems to all-but
confirm that the information was the real deal. So, what does this mean for
Sony’s hardcore fans and the gaming world at large?

Release date

The new PlayStation 5 logo
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IT'S COMING: And sooner than you think....

The proposed release date from this leak for the PS5 will be in October 2020. That would put it out well ahead of the rumoured late November release for Xbox Series X, and give it a head-start on sales in the run-up to Christmas.

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A launch event that will reveal the PS5 is supposed to
happen on 5 February, just two weeks time!

Specs & price

A proposed design for Sony's PS5 controller
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ALL NEW: The Dualshock 5 will be a big step forward

Much has been made of how powerful this next generation of consoles will be. The PS5 specs will be almost on par with the Xbox Series X. That’s not great news for Sony fans, but the price point will be a mark in their favour.

According to this leak the PS5 will cost £449/$499, that’s $100 less than the reported price for the new Xbox.

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Pre-orders will apparently go live after the reveal event on
5 February, so be ready to get online and reserve your console!

Launch titles

Gran Turismo is the ultimate racing sim
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RACE HARD: A new Gran Turismo may arrive with the PS5

The PlayStation 5 will reportedly launch with more than a few titles. The PlayStation exclusive racing game Gran Turismo will be back with Gran Turismo 7, while Demon Souls Remastered will also feature.

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Godfall and Legendz are also rumoured, as is MLB The Show 21. The baseball title is unlikely to be out immediately on launch though, as The Show 20 is due to hit the shelves in March.

Why is this leak trusted?

Trusting information like this, especially on 4chan, is always tricky, but the confirmation came via Sony’s PlayStation Europe twitter account. The phrase “It’s time to play” was leaked as the PS5’s official slogan, and now it appears on an official social media channel.

So rejoice PlayStation fans. Not only will the PS5 be cheaper than its main competition, but we should also get our first glimpse of the console sooner than we thought.

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