NBA 2K23: Nikola Jokic Replica Build - Joker Attributes, Wingspan, MyPLAYER details

We've got another NBA 2K23 Replica Build for you as the "Joker" build based on Nikola Jokic was revealed.

This is a great build if you're looking for a strong starting center as you'll not only be a great finisher but a mid-range shooter and great rebounder.

Let's check out this Replica Build and how it will work for you.

More NBA 2K23 Replica Builds

At the moment, we've gone over two Replica Builds in NBA 2K23 so far, the Michael Jordan build and the Kobe Bryant Build.

These aren't the only builds available, however, as several of them keep popping up. This includes the Nikola Jokic Build we're doing below.

NBA 2K23
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MVP: Who wouldn't want to dominate the league with an MVP center?

Jokic is the prototype build for any NBA 2K23 aspiring center. If you want to facilitate the offense while dominating the boards and having a mid-range game, this is the build for you.

Let's get started by going over the physical attributes that you'll need.

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Nikola Jokic Replica Build Guide "Joker"

As always, to trigger the Replica Builds, you'll have to follow exact guidelines otherwise you won't get the moniker or the MyPLAYER animation.

This one is pretty simple to follow as are some of the other builds. As long as you follow our guide below to exact measurements, you'll get the NBA 2K23 Nikola Jokic build.

NBA 2K23 Nikola Jokic
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NIKOLA JOKIC BUILD: Here are the exact attributes you'll need to input

You'll earn several badges with this build as well, 21 in Finishing, 21 in Shooting, 15 in Playmaking, and 12 in Defense and Rebounding.

These are the standard attributes:

  • Height - 6'11"
  • Weight - 284 LBS
  • Wingspan - 7'3"
  • Handedness - Right
  • Body Type - Compact

These are the in-depth attributes you'll need to input:

  • Finishing
    • Close Shot - 90 OVR
    • Driving Layup - 83 OVR
    • Driving Dunk - 67 OVR
    • Standing Dunk - 82 OVR
    • Post Control - 87 OVR
  • Shooting
    • Mid-Range Shot - 89 OVR
    • Three-Point shoot - 72 OVR
    • Free Throw - 67 OVR
  • Playmaking
    • Pass Accuracy - 85 OVR
    • Ball Handle - 68 OVR
    • Speed With Ball - 52 OVR
  • Defense/Rebounding
    • Interior Defense - 63 OVR
    • Perimeter Defense - 53 OVR
    • Steal - 58 OVR
    • Block - 54 OVR
    • Offensive Rebound - 60 OVR
    • Defensive Rebound - 90 OVR
  • Physicals
    • Speed - 55 OVR
    • Acceleration - 54 OVR
    • Strength - 85 OVR
    • Vertical - 55 OVR
    • Stamina - 89 OVR

There are also two NBA 2K23 Takeovers that you'll need to equip, one is Post Shot Daggers and the other is Advanced Post Moves.

If you have those, you'll be trigger the Nikola Jokic animation when you finish your build.

NBA 2K23 Update 1.004

As with any game when it first launches, bugs will be experienced but at least NBA 2K23 is staying ahead of the curve with the latest update.

NBA 2K23 Update 1.004 officially deployed on September 14, 2022, and this appears to be a next gen only update for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

NBA 2K23
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LATEST UPDATE: Patches are on the way for NBA 2K23

The update was only 1.06 GB on Xbox Series X|S, so a small update with bug fixes but no major content additions.

The official NBA 2K23 patch notes haven't been revealed yet but we'll be sure to update you with anything else that comes out.

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