Can you edit tattoos in NBA 2K24?

NBA 2K24 tattoo shop

NBA 2K24 tattoo shop

NBA 2K24 has a pretty in-depth character customisation when it comes to making your player. If you're looking to build the next superstar, then you're going to want him to look the best he can. You might end up regretting decisions such as adding tattoos. So, let's see if you can edit tattoos in NBA 2K24.

You might have made an impulsive decision at the tattoo shop and added a a piece of art you now want gone. However, the option to remove tattoos seems to be hiding within the plethora of menus in the game. With that said, learn how to remove tattoos from your MyPlayer character in NBA 2K24.

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Can you edit tattoos in NBA 2K24?

The answer is yes, you can actually edit and change up tattoos when you're placing them down on your MyPlayer character in NBA 2K24. You'll get a lot of options to resize and place the tattoo on your player model, and you can place it wherever you like. Of course, all of this isn't free of charge.

How to remove tattoos in NBA 2K24?

Yes, you can remove tattoos in NBA 2K24. A problem that had a lot of players panicking was the fact that after you get a tattoo, the option to remove it doesn't really appear anywhere in the menu.

So, in order to remove a tattoo, you just need to head back to the shop where you got it from. Head into their tattoo directory and select any category.

When you hover over the directory, it will show you the option to press Triangle or Y, depending on your console, to "Remove Tattoos" in the bottom right. Now you just have to confirm your choice and pay 100 coins to get it removed.

NBA 2k24 remove tattoo option
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That's everything you need to know on how to edit and remove tattoos in NBA 2K24. Stay tuned for more NBA 2K24 guides!

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