NBA 2K23 Update 1.004 Patch Notes, 2K confirms bug fixes (September 14)

NBA 2K23 Update 1.004 has officially deployed, and there are some definite issues in need of resolution.

Here's what we know so far about the NBA 2K23 Update 1.004 Patch Notes and whether MyCAREER is getting the fixes it needs.

NBA 2K23 Update 1.004 Patch Notes for September 14

With the arrival of NBA 2K23 less than one week ago, it's no shocker that they've already dropped a set of bug fixes for the title.

NBA 2K23 Update 1.004 officially deployed on September 14, 2022, and this appears to be a next gen only update for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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NBA 2K23 Update 1.004 Patch Notes 1.04
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FIXER UPPER: There are at least a few major bugs that need to be patched

NBA 2K23 Update 1.004 was just 1.06 GB on Xbox Series X|S, likely signifying an update with bug fixes but no major content additions.

One user reported the update was closer to 400 MB on PS5, but exact size on that platform isn't known yet.

Unfortunately, 2K has yet to release the detailed NBA 2K23 Update 1.004 Patch Notes in a full Courtside Report.

The official NBA 2K account on Twitter did briefly address the update, seemingly confirming it as next gen only by saying the following:

"Our latest patch is live on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S bringing continued stability improvements to the game fixing several issues," they said. "No gameplay changes!"

With so little mentioned, this minor comment may be all the confirmation we're getting on exactly what this NBA 2K23 Update addressed.

MyCAREER quest bugs need to be addressed

We can't yet confirm what exactly was fixed in NBA 2K23 Update 1.004, but there's no doubt MyCAREER needed some attention.

While much of the upgraded mode has run well this year in The City, a few quests have been causing major issues since launch.

One of the clothing items for your MyPLAYER appears to have contributed to a major game freeze connected to Palace Intrigue or Courting Calloway, but we have more here on a workaround that resolved things prior to this update.

However, the less positive news is that a few players are already reporting issues with game crashing after quests happening since this update deployed.

Another reported having issues connecting to any online services following NBA 2K23 Update 1.004, but it's not clear if their timing was connected to servers going down as the update finished deploying.

With no detailed patch notes released for NBA 2K23 Update 1.004, we may just have to wait and see if existing problems are finally gone.

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