MLB The Show 23 Release Date & Cover Athlete Predictions

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As the likely MLB The Show 23 release date continues to close in, we're continuing to look at what fans can expect.

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Here's everything we know so far including our MLB The Show 23 release date prediction, cover athlete favorites, and more.


Latest - Platforms leak with a key absence

There are still a handful of weeks before MLB The Show 23 reveals begin to officially arrive, but a new leak has revealed our first bit of information.

Ahead of those larger reveals, new details have emerged that MLB The Show 23 has already been officially rated by Brazil on several platforms.

We've got more details here on that leak and why it could be bad news for players hoping to see MLB The Show 23 on PC.

MLB The Show 23 Release Date Prediction

One thing Sony San Diego has shown in recent years is consistency, and we expect that to continue when MLB The Show 23 arrives.

For well over a decade, this long running baseball simulation franchise has launched a new title in March or April as the MLB season approaches.


They'd mostly stuck to March for some time, but the last few years have leaned more towards an April release date.

MLB The Show 22 release date
TIME FLIES: The next chapter of this franchise will be here sooner than you realize

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MLB The Show 22 had a worldwide release date of Tuesday, April 5, 2022, and that helps us know when to expect the next game.

As of now, the expected MLB The Show 23 release date is Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

However, this could change between now and that date depending on how the development process is going for Sony San Diego and the chosen Opening Day for the 2023 season.

Pre Order, Price & Platforms

While the actual launch of MLB The Show 23 is still several months away, the build towards that release will come a bit sooner.


Based on their timing in recent years, the announcement of and early reveals for MLB The Show 23 should land in late January or early February 2023.

Those are likely to include the Cover Athlete reveal, pre order launch, first trailer, as well as details on price and platforms.

MLB The Show 22 continued the expansion started with MLB The Show 21 by taking the game to Nintendo Switch for the first time and Xbox for only the second year.

MLB The Show 23 may continue that, and if so the final frontier will be a PC release, something many fans have been clamoring for.

When pre order rewards are revealed, we expect Early Access to join the pack once again and make MLB The Show 23 available potentially as soon as Friday, April 1, 2023 (if our expected release date rings true).

Game Modes & Cover Athlete Predictions

We've seen a push to improve overall quality in the last few years, and most of that has come with refinement of existing game modes.

Road to the Show got a major overhaul with MLB The Show 21, and MLB The Show 22 followed up with a big set of new features in March to October.

For many, the hope is that Franchise Mode is next, which has reportedly been working on Legacy Code and may be in the process of being rebuilt from the ground up.

Meanwhile, Shohei Ohtani may have been the most obvious cover athlete selection that MLB The Show has had to make in years.

Things are less clear for MLB The Show 23, but right now top candidates include Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.