MLB The Show 23: Best Second Basemen in Franchise Mode

mlb the show 23 best second basemen franchise mode

mlb the show 23 best second basemen franchise mode

A great Second Basemen might be the difference between reaching the World Series final, or not winning a playoff match. Second Basemen play a very important role in real life, and in MLB The Show 23 their role is equally important.

In MLB The Show 23, Second Basemen have to field the balls that are hit between the first and second base. They also have to cover throws to the second base and throw the ball to the First Basemen, so that he can tag out the runner.

So, let's check out MLB The Show's 23 Best Second Basemen in Franchise mode.

MLB The Show 23 Best Second Basemen

In MLB The Show 23, you can't just judge a Second Basemen by his OVR. There are many attributes you need to consider when choosing the best Second Basemen for your squad.

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This article will tell you who is the best Second Baseman in MLB The Show 23, and what stats you need to look out for when choosing one. With these players on your team, you will be one step close to winning a World Series.

Jose Altuve (93 OVR)

Team: Houston Astros

Age: 32

José Altuve is one of the best MLB players of the last decade. The Venezuelan player has had an illustrious career, having won two World Series, an AL MVP, and a Gold Glove, among many other trophies. At 32 years old, Altuve shows no sign of slowing down and is seen by most as the best Second Basemen in MLB right now.

MLB The Show 23 Jose Altuve
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He has some insane hitting attributes, with his 88 clutch rating making him a very valuable player to have in the decisive moments. Altuve also has some decent fielding attributes. His high accuracy makes him great at quickly making the ball reach the first base and getting runners tagged out.

Marcus Semien (87 OVR)

Team: Texas Rangers

Age: 32

Just like José Altuve, Marcus Semien has had a very successful MLB career, despite having never won a World Series. The Texas Rangers superstar holds the record for most home runs by a Second Basemen in a single season with an impressive tally of 45.

MLB The Show 23 Marcus Semien
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Semien is very fast, has quick reactions, and can throw the ball with impressive accuracy. His field awareness is also great, which helps him always be in the right place at the right time. As mentioned above, hitting home runs is just another ordinary task for Semien. So, having Semien on your team can be game-changing.

Andres Gimenez (86 OVR)

Team: Cleveland Guardians

Age: 24

Andrés Giménez made his MLB debut in 2020, and in just two years has already left quite the mark on the league. 2022 was an amazing year for the Cleveland Guardians player, who won the Gold Glove award, participated in the All-Star, and was nominated for the All-MLB Second Team.

MLB The Show 23 Andrés Giménez
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Giménez fielding attributes are absolutely astonishing. The Venezuelan player has spectacular field awareness, good reactions and great accuracy. Combined with an impressive 87-speed, Giménez can quickly catch the balls hit between the first and the second base, and make them reach the First Basemen even faster.

Trevor Story (84 OVR)

Team: Boston Red Sox (AAA)

Age: 30

Story starting Franchise Mode in Triple-A due to an elbow injury in real life that is keeping him off the Red Sox roster. The former-Rockies infielder hit 16 homers for the Red Sox in 2022 in 94 games, with a .238 average.

Trevor Story MLB The show 23 player card
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Story brings a huge 90 power vs L to the plate and strong 87 fielding to be productive with the glove too. He's got a solid 73 speed but will struggle against righties, with just 60 power vs R and 55 contact vs R.

Ozzie Albies (82 OVR)

Team: Atlanta Braves

Age: 26

Ozzie Albies has been in the elite group of MLB Second Basemen for two years now. The Atlanta Braves player has been performing brilliantly and has won plenty of awards as a consequence. In 2021 he won the World Series, the Silver Slugger award, and made his second All-Star appearance.

MLB The Show 23 Ozzie Albies
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He has very good fielding stats, decent speed, and can throw the ball with great accuracy. When it comes to hitting, Albies is also very dependable, especially on the clutch. With an 86 clutch rating, Albies is at his best when the game is on the line.

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