MLB The Show 23 Conquest: Hidden rewards locations, maps, & more

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MLB The Show 23 has finally been released, with Conquest set to be a popular game mode within Diamond Dynasty once again thanks to the Hidden Rewards!

Conquest is one of the most fun modes to play in MLB The Show 23, and many fans are enjoying it.


Find out all you need to know about Conquest below, including the Phases of gameplay and how to find the Hidden Rewards.

What is Conquest in MLB The Show 23?

Conquest is a solo game mode within Diamond Dynasty that plays in a similar way to the board game Risk.

By acquiring fans, reinforcing territories and conquering others, you take over a map to complete it and earn rewards.

You will only play against the CPU, with a territory representing a three-inning game, although that can be simulated in most cases apart from when attacking a stronghold.

Rewards of XP, Stubs, player cards and card packs are awarded for completing goals, which can include gaining a certain amount of fans and capturing strongholds.


Conquest maps continue to be added throughout the year, often linked to the Featured Program, and each also has its own Hidden Rewards!

Conquest Phases

There are four phases within Conquest - Attack, Steal Fans, Reinforce, Move - with each playing as follows:

Attack Phase

Attack opposing territories that directly touch your chosen territory. The numbers displayed in the hexagons show how many millions of fans each territory has.

Having a fan advantage is key, with the higher the advantage you have, the easier the game mode difficulty you will need to play on or the better chance you have of winning via simulated games.

It won't only be you attacking at this point, with the CPU also coming after your territories!


Steal Fans Phase

You can only Steal Fans from another team's stronghold and the games cannot be simulated, but you can play on any difficulty.

The higher the difficulty you play on, the more fans you will steal, with it split as follows:

  • Rookie - One Million Fans
  • Veteran - Two Million Fans
  • All-Star - Three Million Fans
  • Hall of Fame - Four Million Fans
  • Legend - Five Million Fans

You can only steal fans up to the number that the stronghold has on it and you don't need to be adjacent to the stronghold territory to Steal Fans.

When in the Steal Fans Phase you won't be awarded the territory, but you will weaken it for future attacks (as well as strengthen your fans)!


Reinforce Phase

During the Reinforce Phase, you will be awarded one million fans for every three territories (including strongholds) that you have conquered and are part of your empire.

You can then spread those fans across your territories, looking to reinforce areas that may be attacked or will be carrying out an attack.

The CPU will always gain and place reinforcements first, so pay attention and react to their moves.

Move Phase

The Move Phase allows you to redistribute your fans, taking them away from safe territories to ones that need protecting or will be carrying out an attack.

You can't leave a territory unoccupied, so must leave at least one million fans on it, and can only move fans between your territories that have a continuous connection.

Once the Move Phase is complete, you will then go back to the Attack Phase and cycle through them again and again.

How To Complete Conquest Maps

Some conquest maps are easier to complete than others, with the Nation Of Baseball one being the hardest. However, there are some general tips and tricks you can use on every map. These tips and tricks will help you complete the maps in an easier and faster way.

The first thing you want to do in every conquest map is to surround your initial stronghold. Then, you want to build a circle around other teams before you play them. Following that, you want to take over the corners of the map, especially on the Nation Of Baseball map. This last step will make it easier for you to conquerer the rest of the map.

You want to simulate all the outside games, and just play the stronghold games. Try to only play games on the Veteran difficulty. If you do that, you will save yourself plenty of time, and complete the maps much faster. You also won't need to try hard against the CPU. These two reasons, are why you should always aim to play matches in the Veteran difficulty.


Another simple yet very important tip is that you should always skip the steal phase. Just go to the reinforcement stage and continue to build your circle. By following these steps, you should be able to complete all the Conquest maps in no time and access plenty of rewards that will allow you to upgrade your team.

Conquest Hidden Rewards

As much fun as it can be to power through territories in Conquest, the real gem of the game mode in Diamond Dynasty is the Hidden Rewards.

Specific territories in most maps hold Hidden Rewards, which mostly include Packs, but could also include cards, Stubs, or extra XP.

It should be noted that while many of the Conquest maps are replayable and have specific goals you can repeat, Hidden Rewards can only be found once and do not repopulate if you restart the map.

There are Hidden Rewards in all the maps of Conquest. The Nation Of Baseball map has the most hidden rewards, with 21 Show packs, one Legend Icon pack, one classic stadium, one legendary bat skin, and five BIAH ( premium packs).


The WBC map doesn't have near as many Hidden Rewards, but it still has 500 Stubs, seven Show packs, and one BIAH pack.

Team Affinity Season 1 West map also offers you some great Hidden Rewards. Inside the map, you have five Show packs, two BIAH packs, 200 Stubs, and one gold equipment pack.

When it comes to the central map, you will be able to find 5 Show packs, 200 Stubs, two BIAH packs, and one gold equipment pack, hidden across it. The rewards for the team Affinity East map are also the same.

Worth noting that, the Hidden Rewards for each map are the ones listed here, but they vary in location. So, they will probably vary from the locations you see in the pictures above, but they will still be there.

These rewards are great to improve your team, especially at the beginning of the game. So, be sure to collect all these Hidden Rewards.

MLB The Show 23 Ratings

To the happiness of thousands of fans, MLB The Show 23 has finally been released. After months of waiting, users can take control over their favourite players, and enjoy the best baseball game ever created.

Fans now have access to all the players' ratings in MLB The Show 23. This will help them select the best players for their Franchise team, and create a Dynasty.

With the player's ratings now being known, it's much easier for fans to see who are the best pitchers, first basemen, catchers, or outfielders. It also helps them choose between the many elite players in MLB The Show 23.