MLB The Show 23: Best prospects in Franchise Mode

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It's a long road from the bottom to the top, but having some MLB The Show 23 best prospects on your roster will help speed up the process. Prospects are young players that have either just arrived in the Majors or start the new game in the Minors.

Not everyone is a fan of the Yankees or Astros, so if your team starts MLB The Show 23 among the lowest rated, gathering up the best prospects is a great way to improve your team and challenge those big spenders that always compete for the World Series.

Best prospects in MLB The Show 23

When it comes to judging prospects, there is no one specific way to do it in MLB The Show 23. In this article we will look at a player's age, position, and attributes to judge their quality as prospects.

Young players have more time ahead of them to develop their attributes and grow into elite players, while those that play a position up the middle are going to be more flexible in their career and so incredibly valuable. And of course, if they start with high attributes they will be better!

To build our list we are looking at every player that starts the game in the Minors, as well as MLB players that are aged 21 or under. Let's get started, this is our list of the best prospects in MLB The Show 23.

Gunnar Henderson (77 OVR)

Team: Baltimore Orioles

Level: MLB

Position: SS

Age: 21

We start with Gunnar Henderson, shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles. Henderson played 34 games for the Orioles last year, picking up four homers and seven doubles with a .259 batting average.

Gunnar Henderson's player card in MLB The Show 23
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GO GET HIM - Henderson is set to be a star

He starts MLB The Show 23 with 85 speed and 76 arm strength as his best stats, making him a solid fielder and a threat on the basepaths. At the plate he needs some work, with 73 contact vs R as his best stats but given time Henderson will grow into a great player as he also has A Potential.

Huascar Ynoa (73 OVR)

Team: Atlanta Braves

Level: AAA

Position: SP

Age: 24

Huascar Ynoa has made appearances for the Braves in the Majors, including 17 starts in 2021, but he struggled with a 4.05 ERA. He got just two starts last year, lasting 6.2 innings over both of them with a total of 10 runs allowed. Ouch.

In MLB The Show 23 though, Ynoa offers a lot. He's got 97 break and 96 velocity which makes his arsenal of 4-Seam, Circle Change, 2-Seam, and Slider pretty deadly. His B Potential is solid too, and he'll be a good starter in your hands.

Shane Baz (72 OVR)

Team: Tampa Bay Rays

Level: AAA

Position: SP

Age: 23

Similar to Ynoa, Shane Baz starts in Triple-A but has made appearances in the Majors before. Baz got his debut with the Rays in 2021, making three starts with a solid 2.03 ERA over 13.1 innings. He did less well in six starts in 2022 though, hence he starts MLB The Show 23 in the minors.

Shane Baz's player card in MLB The Show 23
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STRONG ARM - Baz is a great prospect on the mound

Baz has 90 break and 83 velocity, but also brings a solid 82 stamina to the mound. That means he could be a good back-of-the-rotation starter or even a long reliever in the bullpen.

He's got a good arsenal of pitches too, with a 4-Seam, Slider, Knuckle-Curve, and Circle Change. His B Potential makes Baz a nice starter prospect.

Francisco Alvarez (72 OVR)

Team: New York Mets

Level: MLB

Position: C

Age: 21

Production at catcher is hard to find, but Francisco Alvarez has a great chance to be a leading catcher in your Franchise save. He made just 14 plate appearances last year, with one homer and a poor .167 average in a small sample.

Alvarez starts MLB The Show 23 with 78 durability and 72 block. They aren't great stats but are nice to have. At the plate Alvarez will struggle early on, he's best against lefties with 68 power vs L and 64 contact vs L but that will grow with time and he'll be a leading catcher in the Majors thanks to his A Potential.

Pedro Leon (71 OVR)

Team: Houston Astros

Level: AAA

Position: CF

Age: 24

We wrap up our top five prospects with Pedro Leon, who is yet to make his MLB debut. The center fielder spent 2022 in Triple-A, hitting 17 homers with a .228 batting average.

Pedro Leon's MLB The Show 23 player card
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WIP - Leon is far from the finished article

Leon starts MLB The Show 23 with 78 durability and 75 arm strength as his best stats. He's really solid in the field with a great baseline of stats across the board there and is very balanced at the plate. His B Potential should see him grow into a strong player.


More MLB The Show 23 best prospects

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Andrew PainterPhiladeplhia PhilliesAASP1970
Luis GilNew York YankeesAAASP2470
Anthony VolpeNew York YankeesAAASS2170
Beau BrieskeDetroit TigersAAASP2470
DL HallBaltimore OriolesAAASP2469
Eury PerezMiami MarlinsAAASP1969
Jordan WalkerSt. Louis CardinalsAAA3B2068
Jasson DominguezNew York YankeesAACF2068
Trey SweeneyNew York YankeesAASS2268