MLB The Show 23: Best Diamond Dynasty Team Captains

Choosing your captain in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty is arguably the most important decision you have to make in the game mode. Your captain will play a very important role in the success or failure of your team.

In MLB The Show 23, the team captain affects all the players that surround him. In order to have the strongest team possible, you need to pick players that can benefit from his attributes boost. That's why picking the best captain is crucial.

So, without further ado, let's see who are the best Diamond Dynasty Team Captains in MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23: Best Diamond Dynasty Team Captains

As mentioned above, this is a very important decision to make. There are eight cards in the diamond series captain pack. All of them have great stats, but some of them stand out more than others, mostly because of the attributes boost they offer.

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Team Captains
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Seven of the eighth available cards in the Diamond series captain pack

The cards available are Derek Jeter, Trevor Hoffman, David Ortiz, Roy Halladay, Mike Piazza, Willie Mays, David Wright, and Nolan Ryan. All of them have amazing stats, and since were are still at the start of the game, these cards can be game-changers.

From these eight cards, Willie Mays, Trevor Hoffman, and Mike Piazza stand out the most.

Trevor Hoffman

Trevor Hoffman is arguably the best card in this pack and has some astonishing pitching attributes. With 113 H/9, 106 K/9, 117 PCLT, and 95 HR/9, Trevor Hoffman is a strike-out machine.

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Team Captain Trevor Hoffman
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Trevor Hoffman great stats and good attribute boosts make him the perfect capitan

If you have non-closer relief pitchers in your squad, Trevor Hoffman will instantly give them a boost on their H/9 and K/9, making your pitchers much stronger. He is also great in the clutch, so, when you have your back against the wall in MLB The Show 23, you can't count on Trevor Hoffman.

Willie Mays

In second place, we have the legendary center fielder Willie Mays. Considered by many one of baseball's all-time greats, and with this card you can see why. His hitting stats are spectacular, with more than 80 power against left-handed and right-handed players.

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Team Captain Willie Mays
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Willie Mays card has some great attributes

Similar to Trevor Hoffman, he is very good in the clutch and will step up when necessary. Willie Mays fielding stats are also quite impressive, with a very strong arm, and great field awareness. This legend of the game will score you a lot of points in MLB The Show 23. The fact his captain's attributes are also easy to achieve is another plus.

Mike Piazza

Mike Piazza closes out the list. The Hall of Fame player has some incredible hitting stats, that make it easy for him to hit the ball out of the stadium on a regular basis. With 101 contact versus left-handed players, 97 contact versus right-handed, and an astonishing 110 power versus left-handed players, Mike Piazza is a home run factory in MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Team Captain Mike Piazza
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Mike Piazza ability to score home runs is second to none

He also possesses good fielding attributes. If you have any player with catcher as its first or secondary position in your squad, they will receive a boost to their contact, power, and batting clutch. This makes Mike Piazza a very well-rounded card, and one you would certainly like to have on your Diamond Dynasty team.

Mini Seasons

One of the first places you should take your captain is to the Mini Seasons Challenges. These are a great way of leveling up your squad straight away, and will make all the difference when you start going head-to-head with other players.

You can complete these challenges faster than expected by winning 14 games and skipping the rest. That will let you save some time in your grind and pick up XP faster.

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