MLB The Show 23: Best Third Basemen in Franchise

mlb the show 23 best third basemen

mlb the show 23 best third basemen

A great Third Basemen can have a big impact on your team's success. It can help you win plenty of games, and even reach the World Series final. In MLB The Show 23, Third Basemen play a very important role, so you need to pick them with caution.

In MLB The Show 23, Third Basemen have to field ground balls, line drives, and even pop flies that are hit in their direction. They need to have a very strong arm since they have the longest throw of any infield player for first base.

So, let's check out MLB The Show's 23 Best Third Basemen in Franchise mode.

MLB The Show 23 Best Third Basemen

In MLB The Show 23, you can't just judge a player by his OVR, and that applies especially to Third Basemen. There are many attributes you need to consider when choosing the best Third Basemen for your squad. But don't worry, we will tell you exactly what to look for in a Third Basemen in MLB The Show 23.

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This article will tell you who is the best Third Baseman in MLB The Show 23, and what stats you need to look out for when choosing one. With these players on your team, you will be one step close to winning a World Series.

Nolan Arenado (94 OVR)

Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Position: 3B

Age: 31

Nolan Arenado is one of the most successful MLB players of the last decade. The St. Louis Cardinals superstar Third Basemen has won a plethora of trophies, such as the Platinum Glove, the NL home run leader, and the Silver Slugger award, among many others.

MLB The Show 23 Best Third Basemen in Franchise Nolan Arenado
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Arenado has all the qualities of an elite Third Basemen. He has quick reactions, impressive fielding awareness, and a decently strong arm. What makes him the best Third Basemen in MLB The Show 23, it's his 99 fielding and 90 reactions. Arenado might not have the strongest arm, but with such great fielding awareness, and quick reactions, he is always in the right place at the right time.

Manny Machado (95 OVR)

Team: San Diego Padres

Position: 3B

Age: 30

Similar to Arenado, Manny Machado has also had a very successful career in the MLB so far. He has won the Gold Glove award two times, was selected for the All-Star six times, and made the All-MLB First Team two times. With so many great performances, the San Diego Padres made sure to lock up Machado in an 11-year contract.

MLB The Show 23 Best Third Basemen in Franchise Manny Machado
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Just like all the elite Third Basemen, Machado has impressive fielding awareness and quick reactions. He also has a very strong arm, that allows him to make the ball reach the First Basemen in a fast and accurate way.

When it comes to batting, Machado has great power against left-handed pitchers and spectacular control versus right-handed ones. His 99-clutch rating means Machado truly shines in difficult moments. Machado is a player who can lead your Franchise to many titles.

José Ramirez (94 OVR)

Team: Cleveland Guardians

Position: 3B

Age: 30

Like the two players above him, José Ramírez MLB sting has been a huge success. The Cleveland Guardians player made his debut in 2012, and since then, has become one of the best Third Basemen in the league, earning the respect and admiration of his peers.

MLB The Show 23 Best Third Basemen in Franchise José Ramirez
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In MLB The Show 23, Ramírez fielding awareness is decent, despite not coming close to Machado or Arenado in that particular attribute. He has quick reflexes and a decently strong arm. In the batting department, Ramirez has almost every stat above 75, and the majority of them are in the 80+ club. When the going gets tough, it's when Ramírez is at his best. His 96 clutch attribute makes the difference between winning or losing.

Austin Riley (93 OVR)

Team: Atlanta Braves

Position: 3B

Age: 25

Austin Riley has only been in the league since 2019, but the Atlanta Braves Third Basmen has already won a World Series, a Silver Slugger award, and made the All-MLB First Team and All-Star. Riley is the present and the future of the Third Basmeen position in the MLB, as the player has proven to be among the best of the best in his position.

MLB The Show 23 Best Third Basemen in Franchise Austin Riley
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Riley's fielding stats are very balanced, with the Atlanta Braves player having all the necessary attributes to be a great Third Basemen in MLB The Show 23. When it comes to batting, Riley is a force to be reckoned with. His 97 CON L, 92 POW L, 84 POW R, and 80 CON R, make him a great hitter and a player that will score plenty of runs.

Matt Chapman (85 OVR)

Team: Toronto Blue Jays

Position: 3B

Age: 29

Last but certainly not least, we have Matt Chapman. The Toronto Blue Jays player has won plenty of awards and is widely recognized around the league as an elite Third Basemen.

MLB The Show 23 Best Third Basemen in Franchise Matt Chapman
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Chapman has a strong arm and some incredibly quick reflexes in MLB The Show 23. Combined with an impressive fielding awareness, Chapman is fast at catching the ball and throwing it to the First Basemen. This makes it much easier for the first basemen to tag out an opponent, and prevent the adversaries from making runs. When choosing a Third Basemen for your Franchise, you should strongly consider Chapman.

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