MLB The Show 23: Best first basemen in Franchise

First Basemen play a vital role in a team's success. In MLB The Show 23, a great first baseman can take your team to next level. They can win you important games, and get you closer to that World Series win you want so much.

In MLB The Show 23, First Basemen are responsible for fielding ground balls hit in their direction, and also for catching throws from other infielders. Forcing the runner out is their main goal.

So, without further ado, let's find out the MLB The Show 23 best First Basemen.

Best first basemen (1B) in MLB The Show 23

You can't just judge a First Basemen by his OVR in MLB The Show 23. There are plenty of other attributes you need to pay attention to, and that might be decisive when it comes to choosing between two first basemen.

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Fortunately for you, this article will tell you who are the best First Basemen players in MLB The Show 23 and why. With these players on your team, you will be one step close to winning a World Series.

Paul Goldschmidt (96 OVR)

Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Position: 1B

Age: 35

Paul Goldschmidt is one of the best players to ever set foot on the diamond. He has an illustrious career, winning a plethora of awards, such as the NL MVP, Gold Glove, and making the All-MLB First Team.

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The St. Louis Cardinals superstar is widely regarded as the best First Basemen in baseball right now. His great fielding awareness makes it easy for him to retrieve ground balls hit in his vicinity. Paul Goldschmidt strong arm and fast reactions also come in handy plenty of times.

Paul Goldschmidt also has some astonishing batting stats, with the 99 POW L and the 99 CON L standing out the most. This means the St. Louis Cardinals superstar is very valuable in defence and on offence.

Pete Alonso (90 OVR)

Team: New York Mets

Position: 1B

Age: 28

Pete Alonso has been in the MLB since 2019, and in that short space of time, he has already cemented himself as one of the best First Basemen in the league. His curriculum is spectacular, with an NL Rookie of the Year award, two participation in the All-Star game, and the MLB home run leader award, among many others.

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2022 was an amazing year for the New York Mets star, so it's normal to see him securing second place in this list. With his incredible batting stats, hitting home runs is an easy task for Pete Alonso in MLB The Show 23. With 97 POW L and 90 POW R, you will see the ball leave the stadium plenty of times.

Just like Paul Goldschmidt, Pete Alonso also has good fielding attributes, which put him among the elite First Basemen of MLB. With Pete Alonso in your team, you will be much closer to conquering that so-desired World Series trophy.

Freddie Freeman (88 OVR)

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Position: 1B

Age: 33

The Los Angeles Dodgers player is well respected around the MLB, with many seeing him as the best First Basemen in the league. Freddie Freeman is a very decorated player, who has won the NL MVP, the Gold Glove, and the World Series title, among many others trophies.

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In MLB The Show 23, Freddie Freeman great fielding skills, especially his spectacular accuracy when throwing the ball, make him an elite First Basemen. He also has very good hitting attributes, with his 99 CON R standing out. Freddie Freeman is a great addition to any team that wants to be competing for a World Series title.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr (88 OVR)

Team: Toronto Blue Jays

Position: 1B

Age: 24

Vladimir Guerrero Jr is heading into just his fifth MLB season, and similar to Pete Alonso, he already had a tremendous impact in the league. For many players, coaches, and analysts, Vladimir Guerrero is among the best of the best, when it comes to First Basemen.

MLBVladimir Guerrero Jr
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He has very good fielding attributes, with a strong arm and quick reactions. Vladimir Guerrero Jr will save you plenty of points, preventing many runs from opponent players. However, he will also score you many points. With his great batting attributes, Vladimir Guerrero Jr can hit the ball anywhere he wants in the field. So, having Vladimir Guerrero Jr on your team is a must.

Matt Olson (87 OVR)

Team: Atlanta Braves

Position: 1B

Age: 28

Matt Olson has all the skills you want in a great First Basemen. The Atlanta Braves player seems to get better every season, and is already among the elite First Basemen in MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23 Matt Olson
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He might not have the strongest arm, but his fielding awareness, combined with his quick reactions and accuracy make up for that. Matt Olson also has a very strong hitting style, with the Atlanta Braves star having no trouble sending the ball to the stands. With these attributes, Matt Olson will be very useful to most teams in Franchise mode.

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