MLB The Show 22 March to October Guide: Tips & Tricks to win the World Series

MLB The Show 22 marks the biggest year yet for March to October, and there are some new challenges in this year's game.

With the new features and upgrades in mind, our MLB The Show 22 March to October Guide has the tips and tricks you need to win the World Series.

MLB The Show 22: March to October Guide, Tips & Tricks

MLB The Show 22 once again presents two unique team strategy experiences with March to October and Franchise Mode.

While Franchise Mode offers significantly more freedom and a different challenge, March to October boils the season down to key moments allowing you to play all the way to the postseason much quicker.

MLB The Show 22 March to October
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START THE FIRE: Team Momentum will carry you through March to October

However, one major difference in the two is that Franchise Mode can be endlessly simulated to move forward in the season or even to future seasons.

By contrast, March to October automatically simulates certain sections of the season, but any key moment or game you're given to play must be played in full as presented by MTO.

With Momentum and other factors at play, as well as this year's changes in mind, our MLB The Show 22 March to October Guide has the tips and tricks you need to make the postseason.

Which team should you choose?

Everything in your March to October save begins with deciding which team you're trying to take to the postseason, and different ones have different expectations.

If you're primarily playing March to October for the Team Affinity bonus, you'll want to stick with the Favorites and can use our Best Teams in Franchise to see which ones shine the most.

Also, players playing March to October for the Diamond Dynasty bonuses need to be careful about backing out of games, and we've got more details here on the error that can cause.

March to October uses the game's default rosters and those can only change with a few trade and call-up opportunities, so the way each team is currently built will be largely what you'll have to work with in MTO.

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While March to October has also added team customization this year for the very first time, you'll still be selecting what is essentially a base model team to alter if you go with a custom concept.

Favorites are the best bet if you don't care which team you want and just hope to win the World Series, but every team is viable if you continue to win, so don't be afraid to just pick your own personal favorite club.

As for Difficulty, which is the next decision you have while creating a save, stick to what you're comfortable with but keep in mind that March to October only allows you to lower the difficulty of an ongoing save and not increase it.

If you think you can hang at a higher difficulty, you'll be able to lower it at a later time if things prove too challenging.

Momentum, Player Boosts, and Call-Ups

The biggest piece of the puzzle in March to October is momentum, and this can really drive your team towards the World Series without fail.

The primary way to gain momentum is with wins and big plays, but there are extra factors and opportunities that let you really push things up a notch.

Standout performances can majorly boost momentum, and big moments like an extra inning walk-off can further fire things up.

MLB The Show 22 March to October
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STRAIGHT FIRE: Momentum is soaring after this game

You'll also find yourself in certain player locked opportunities, and these give you the chance at both a massive Player Boost and more momentum.

The most likely two ways to trigger a Player Boost scenario are to make a trade or to call someone up from the minors.

While it doesn't happen every time, sometimes when March to October prompts a few trade offers and you decline them, this can trigger a call up opportunity.

In each case, you'll often be presented with a player locked Player Boost game next where you aim to perform well with that specific player.

Mlb The Show 22 march to october
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PERFECT GAME: Huge performances like this are massive for Team Momentum

Whether it's pitching or at the plate, in all cases you want to truly try and blow these opportunities out of the water.

They'll make that player stronger through the season, and as seen above can cause a huge boost in Team Momentum.

Offseason & Trade Management

MLB The Show 22 has brought back the same Trade Management style we saw last year in March to October, but there are some other changes.

As for trades, you'll want to set your trade agenda in Trade Management so you're targeting positions of need and specific players.

We've got more details here on how to make trades happen in March to October, Franchise, and in Road to the Show.

MLB The Show 22
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TRADE OPPORTUNITY: You can decline if you don't like the offers you're given

Once the offers are presented, you can move forward with one or choose to decline entirely, but either way the season will continue to progress.

As for the offseason, those tasks won't become a part of your March to October experience until you've finished a first season and choose to continue that save for a second.

MLB The Show 22 march to october
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THE BIG BOARD: Free Agency will come into play when you reach the offseason

This is the first year players can do multiple seasons in March to October, and it's also the first time we have this offseason suite including a Free Agency Big Board.

You'll take the offseason week by week as you look for key free agents and try to bolster your team before heading into the next season, all things that should be aided by well set Trade Management earlier in the season.

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