MLB The Show 22 March to October: Free Agency takes spotlight in Franchise alternative mode

With launch now just days away, MLB The Show 22 March to October is looking to be better than ever before.

New features are on the way once again in this Franchise Mode alternative, and we've got details on everything changing in MLB The Show 22 March to October.

Latest - Early access countdown

MLB The Show 22 Early Access is almost here, and that means players will soon be able to get a jumpstart on their Franchise or Diamond Dynasty team.

MLB The Show 22 is set for a worldwide release date of April 5, 2022, but players who have Early Access can start even sooner.

Only players who pre order the MVP Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition of MLB The Show 22 gain Early Access, which unfortunately also means players on Nintendo Switch will all have to wait for the official launch day.

Follow our MLB The Show 22 Early Access Countdown.

MLB The Show 22 March to October: Franchise alternative game mode returns

While some players have seen March to October as a more streamlined alternative to Franchise Mode in the past, it'll have more depth than ever before in MLB The Show 22.

As we learned during the Feature Premiere highlighting Franchise and March to October (MTO), this is the first year that MTO will span multiple seasons and you'll be able to take your team to success more than once before having to transition a save into Franchise Mode.

It's a big step forward, and it goes a long way to providing a quality and lengthy experience in March to October while shrinking the sheer volume of the experience that players get in Franchise Mode.

MLB The Show 22 March to October MTO
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IT'S BACK: March to October returns in MLB The Show 22

The game modes sit side by side on the main menu, and that relationship continues to be solidified this year with a major Franchise feature now coming to March to October.

While players were stuck only using existing MLB teams in the past, March to October will have full team customization options this year so you can choose a custom name, access the logo vault, and even use their Stadium Creator ballpark.

In addition, it's starting to feel like some of the upgrades made to March to October are forming a foundation for future improvements in Franchise, which is something we took a closer look at here.

Free Agency, Big Board, and more new features

While March to October operated as a one-and-done mode in the past where players would pursue a single World Series before being faced with starting over, this year's multi-year experience is changing that.

Free Agency got the bulk of this year's new features in March to October, and that begins with upgrades to team needs, better player targeting, and the brand-new Big Board.

MLB The Show 22 March to October
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BIG BOARD: Free Agency gets some new depth in MTO this year

The most recent Feature Premiere dove into some under the hood and trade logic improvements as well, but the latter part of the stream largely aimed to showcase exactly how these new features operate.

There's even a new cinematic sequence that will trigger for the top 25 free agents, not unlike the sequence used in Diamond Dynasty when you individually reveal a new Diamond tier card from a pack.

We expect Team Affinity to once again form a bridge that incentivizes Diamond Dynasty players to try the mode out, and it's a great boost if players want to then give that ultimate team mode a shot.

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