MLB The Show 22: How to ask for a trade in RTTS, Franchise, and March to October

MLB The Show 22 will give you different duties across the various game modes, and each of them offers the possibility of a crucial trade with another team.

Whether you're looking for it in Franchise Mode, March to October, or Road to the Show, we've got all the info you need to ask for a trade in MLB The Show 22.

How to ask for a trade in Road to the Show

Once you kickoff Road to the Show, your Ballplayer will have the option at the beginning to try and land a spot at a specific team.

Whether that experience wasn't quite what you were hoping for, or you let fate put you in a place you want out of, the good news is you can ask for a trade in RTTS.

As you work through the season, you should receive check-in calls from your agent, and when he does you'll want to select "could be better" when asked how things are going.

After that, choose an option like "I just never saw myself with the [TEAM], is all." or "I just wish I was with another organization."

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GET OUT: Ask your agent to help you get traded to another team

These choices will get the wheels turning, but unfortunately you can't force your agent to get you trade right in that moment.

Often, especially early in Road to the Show, the response will be that you don't have enough leverage to make demands and will have to wait until another opportunity arises.

However, it's good to know that asking doesn't cause issues if you stay, so keep pressing with your agent at every opportunity until you get the trade you wanted, and try to deliver in games to increase your leverage in negotiations.

Franchise Mode Trading in MLB The Show 22

If you want to be certain you're free to make whatever trades you desire, make sure to turn on "Force Trades" when creating your Franchise Mode save in MLB The Show 22.

This is a feature you can't turn off or on once a save has begun, but it can give you ultimate freedom if that's what you're looking for.

If you're playing and don't have that on, you'll instead be looking to click on the handshake icon for Acquisitions in the top right of the Franchise screen to select Make Trade, View Trade Block, or Update Trade Block.

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If you want to make a specific play for a player on another team regardless of Trade Block status, select Make Trade, and with the right offer you can make any needed acquisition happen.

If you'd rather let the nature of the Trade Block influence things, you can View Trade Block to check which players are being shopped around by other teams or Update Trade Block to put some of your own out there and see what offers come in.

How to make trades in March to October

Finally, there's the newly upgraded and expanded March to October in MLB The Show 22 with its own trade mechanics.

Contrary to Franchise Mode, you won't be able to simply throw out a trade and pinpoint a direct offer at any point prior to the Trade Deadline.

Instead, in March to October much of the work is done in your trade strategy, and you'll want to select Trade Management from the menu to get things in place.

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PLANNING: Get your needs in order so you know who to target

Once in Trade Management, set your Positional or Team Needs and then pick out certain players you're hoping to target, finally choosing the ones on your own squad that you're willing to shop to other teams and those you would never trade under any circumstance.

Once all these pieces of the puzzle are in place, all you have to do is keep playing March to October and progressing until a trade opportunity arises.

Based on the decisions you made in Trade Management, these potential trades will be presented throughout the season and it'll simply give you the choice to accept or reject the trades.

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