MLB The Show 22: Best Teams Overall, Highest Team Budget in Franchise Mode

MLB The Show 22 has finally arrived, and another year means more soon to be debated ratings for the best teams in the game.

We've got details on the best team in MLB The Show 22, who got the biggest budget, and where all 30 teams ranked.

How do team ratings work in MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode?

While some past years had given each team an Overall Rating up to 99, similar to how they do with player ratings, that changed last year and has continued in MLB The Show 22.

Rather than assigning ratings, MLB The Show 22 ranks teams in the league from best to worst on Contact, Power, Pitching, Defense, Speed, and finally gives them an Overall Ranking with all that in mind.

MLB The Show 22 best teams in franchise mode
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THE RANKINGS: Every team is ranked from best to worst in Franchise

All of these rankings are calculated based on the player ratings for that team's roster, and as a result all of these rankings would change if you started adjusting the in-game rosters prior to Franchise save creation.

However, here we'll specifically be looking at how the default rosters that MLB The Show 22 began with rated each club.

While we're using the rankings given at Franchise Mode save creation, these apply to the default roster used for Exhibition, Road to the Show, and March to October as well.

Best Overall Team (Highest Ranked)

While it was the Atlanta Braves who came out as World Series Champions last year, on paper they are pretty far from having the best team in MLB The Show 22.

MLb The Show 22 best teams
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THE BEST OF THE BEST: This year's game once again has the Dodgers on top

On the contrary, it's the previous year's World Series Champions that took that spot, as the Los Angeles Dodgers are once again the best team in Franchise Mode.

While they're a little closer to the middle of the pack on Pitching and Defense, it's having some of the best Contact, Power, and Speed in the league that combines to put the Dodgers at the top.

All 30 MLB Teams from Best to Worst

As much as we'd all like to argue that our favorite team is undeniably the best, MLB The Show 22 had to make those tough calls and decide who earned that recognition.

The Los Angeles Dodgers take the top spot, and there are some familiar top contenders in that upper echelon along with them.

Here are all 30 MLB teams from best to worst according to their Franchise Mode ranking in MLB The Show 22:

  • 1st: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 2nd: Toronto Blue Jays
  • 3rd: Houston Astros
  • 4th: Chicago White Sox
  • 5th: New York Mets
  • 6th: St. Louis Cardinals
  • 7th: New York Yankees
  • 8th: San Diego Padres
  • 9th: Boston Red Sox
  • 10th: Milwaukee Brewers
  • 11th: Tampa Bay Rays
  • 12th: Miami Marlins
  • 13th: San Francisco Giants
  • 14th: Philadelphia Phillies
  • 15th: Atlanta Braves
  • 16th: Los Angeles Angels
  • 17th: Cleveland Guardians
  • 18th: Seattle Mariners
  • 19th: Chicago Cubs
  • 20th: Kansas City Royals
  • 21st: Cincinnati Reds
  • 22nd: Minnesota Twins
  • 23rd: Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 24th: Colorado Rockies
  • 25th: Texas Rangers
  • 26th: Detroit Tigers
  • 27th: Oakland Athletics
  • 28th: Baltimore Orioles
  • 29th: Washington Nationals
  • 30th: Pittsburgh Pirates

While just about any team can become competitive with good Franchise Mode play, there's no doubt you'll have an easier time winning quickly with some of the higher ranked teams here.

Biggest Budget in Franchise Mode

If you're looking to do a lot of team building, having a big budget going into Franchise Mode can make a big difference.

Whether you just want to have room to work or would rather make a lot of quick moves, there are a few big budget options in MLB The Show 22.

If you want a challenge, try out the Cleveland Guardians who have the smallest budget in MLB The Show 22 with a measly $58.5 million.

Now, here are the teams with the top 10 biggest budgets in Franchise:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers: $264 Million
  • New York Mets: $251.5 Million
  • New York Yankees: $210.5 Million
  • San Diego Padres: $205 Million
  • Los Angeles Angels: $201 Million
  • Chicago White Sox: $200.5 Million
  • Boston Red Sox: $195.5 Million
  • Philadelphia Phillies: $192 Million
  • Houston Astros: $188 Million
  • St. Louis Cardinals: $170.5 Million

You may notice slightly different numbers as any sort of roster changes or updates can alter this, but overall these ratings and top options should remain fairly similar.

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