MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode: New features take mode to new heights

MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode will once again bring the team strategy experience to fans this year.

With the launch now here, we've got all the Franchise Mode details you need on new features in MLB The Show 22.

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With another year, MLB The Show 22 is back with Franchise Mode as the title's premiere team strategy mode sitting side by side with March to October.

While March to October condenses things into specific moments and removes much of the nuance by letting players focus on the gameplay, Franchise Mode instead allows you to micromanage every detail if desired.

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Franchise Mode returns in MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 will be bringing back all the major game modes fans know and love this year, and that will once again include Franchise Mode.

While MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode will already enter the playing field with an edge after last year's upgrades and some of the customization options that other games are lacking, there's still more Sony San Diego could do.

Last year in MLB The Show 21, they made a huge leap forward with a completely redesigned Depth Chart, a completely new Trade Metric and Player Metric for the game's Trade Logic, the addition of Stadium Creator, and a revamped budget system.

While fans were hoping to see upgrades like online connected Franchise, things will be more understated as far as MLB The Show 22 new features go.

The only upgrades to Franchise Mode this year are improvements to the Trade Logic system, contract tweaks, offseason Free Agency adjustments, better Roster Logic, and a more accurate and Ohtani-like expansion of using 2-way players.

Instead, we're actually seeing the best upgrades go towards March to October, something that could be a sign of their future plans with regards to Franchise.

Which team will be the best in Franchise Mode?

We're still waiting for more details about most of Franchise Mode, but one thing fans can likely look forward to is knowing which team will be deemed the best of the best by Franchise Mode.

Unless they change the metrics this year, Franchise doesn't actually apply a "Team Rating" in Franchise, but it instead ranks teams first to last in categories of Contact, Power, Pitching, Defense, and Speed with all of that factoring into an overall Rank.

MLb The Show 21 Franchise Mode Best Teams
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BEST OF THE BEST: Only one team can be number one

They've been consistent in recent years by making the best team in Franchise Mode the defending World Series champions, an easy and fair call considering that team did indeed prove themselves the best in the league.

For MLB The Show 21 that meant the Dodgers were the best available option, but for MLB The Show 22 it should mean the Atlanta Braves will take the top spot in Franchise Mode.

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