MLB The Show 22: 'March to October campaign can not be authenticated by this console' error solved

MLB The Show 22 March to October is better than ever this year, but some players are once again facing a confusing error linked to Diamond Dynasty rewards.

If you've had to see 'This March to October campaign can not be authenticated by this console' in MLB The Show 22, we've got details on how to keep that from happening again.

'March to October campaign can not be authenticated by this console'

With Early Access already underway and worldwide launch imminent, it's another big year for MLB The Show 22 and March to October.

The team strategy alternative to Franchise Mode saw a flurry of upgrades this year with the new ability to go through multiple seasons using the same team.

However, one often frustrating error message has return from the past, and we've got details on why it's happening and how you can avoid it.

If you're playing in March to October, you may suddenly receive the following message: 'This March to October campaign can not be authenticated by this console. You may continue your March to October, but will not be eligible for Team Affinity at Reward Gate.'

MLB The Show 22 error this March to October failed to authenticate
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NOTICE: This message has returned once again in March to October

Functionally, this error is letting the user know that their current March to October save will no longer be eligible for Team Affinity rewards in Diamond Dynasty.

For this year's version, the Reward Gate is the points throughout each season where you'd then receive Team Affinity progress for the Featured Program in Diamond Dynasty.

How to fix March to October authentication error in MLB The Show 22

As for the cause of this issue, there have been various reports over the last few years when users faced this that it was linked to power failure or going to the dashboard on your console.

In all cases, the culprit seems to be any sudden exit or close out of an active March to October game that you're in.

The reason for this is that you normally need to Save & Exit out of March to October, keeping your place in that game when you return, but a sudden closeout could trigger that game you we already in to restart.

This means that players would be able to save any bad game in March to October by simply force quitting or shutting down their console before reloading and restarting that game.

The problem is that, without knowing this is an issue, players can be hit with a poorly timed power outage or back out of the game before powering down their console for the night without considering the impact.

Unfortunately, there is no way to salvage a March to October save and make it Diamond Dynasty eligible again after seeing this message.

Now that you're aware of the issue, all that can be done is to avoid ever force exiting or shutting down during an active March to October game like that in the future if you hope to receive Team Affinity rewards.

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