MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks

It's time to get your Grind 99 on, and our MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Beginner's Guide is here to bolster both new and veteran players.

Whether you need a refresher on how things work this year or don't know where to start, we've got the tips and tricks you need to get your Diamond Dynasty journey rolling strong in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Beginner's Guide

If you've played Diamond Dynasty in previous years, you'll notice that MLB The Show 22 has plenty of familiarity in that the structure of this larger game mode.

You'll still dive into Diamond Dynasty with the goal of earning packs to open for new cards that fill out your squad, and there are plenty of different ways to play with your ultimate team in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Guide
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FEATURED: Programs like this will be a primary players unlock new cards

This year, there's a decent length tutorial already built into Diamond Dynasty, but even that overview may leave players feeling overwhelmed by the majority of Diamond Dynasty.

The first thing players should do is ensure they've opened all the packs in their inventory, as some could've already been awarded as a pre order bonus or progress in other game modes progressing programs in Diamond Dynasty.

Once you're sure everything is opened, dive into Collections and use everything you currently have to complete as many collections as possible.

MLb The Show 22
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START HERE: The Starter Collections are a great first step in Diamond Dynasty

Collections are a huge piece of the puzzle in Diamond Dynasty and some can take weeks or even months to complete, but you'll earn new rewards by even partially completing a Collection and sometimes those rewards will in turn allow you to complete more collections.

The other big way you'll unlock new cards is by completing the various Programs in Diamond Dynasty which have specific missions and tasks to complete them, while the Featured Program has missions but also receives Gameplay XP any time you play in any mode across MLB The Show 22.

Tips & Tricks to build your Diamond Dynasty team

Once you've gathered the cards you can out of the gate, you'll need to actually start piecing together your squad in Diamond Dynasty.

When in Manage Squad, you can press Start for Squad Options and select Generate Best Squad For Main.

This feature is one new players can lean on as they get accustomed to moving players around and finding the best lineup that works for them.

It's not a perfect system, and sometimes you may not want a secondary position player in place if there's a closely comparable primary position option.

Also take a look at your bench, as often there are good options for a primary position that get moved to the bench because a secondary position player is slightly higher in their overall rating.

On top of that, don't overlook the value of using your Ballplayer in Diamond Dynasty, in the below image that happens to be catcher Choo Choo Super Bone.

MLb THe Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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DREAM TEAM: Build your squad of past, present, and future baseball greats

By using the MLB The Show 22 XP Glitch in Road to the Show, you can quickly build up a powerful hitter to use at a position or on your bench as a substitute.

It's important to note that the Ballplayer is still somewhat bugged in Diamond Dynasty as it may show a 65 OVR Bronze card but actually be significantly stronger, particularly because it's using the character's base stats and not taking into account equipment and perks from your Loadout.

If you want to check the actual stats of your Ballplayer based on your current loadout, hit the Options or Select button to open the Profile sidebar and select Player Card to view their actual attributes.

While your Ballplayer can be a big asset early and you could use the same method to build an option at any position on the field, keep in mind you can only use one Ballplayer at a time in your Diamond Dynasty squad.

Finally, watch out for temporarily boosted players, either Supercharged (seen above at Left Field) or via the daily Inside Edge boost, as some players may be a better option in the short-term.

Your Diamond Dynasty squad will likely always be in flux, and every new success could mean a new pack with a massive addition you'll want to plug into your lineup.

Diamond Dynasty Game Modes

With your team assembled, you'll now be able to dive into one of the many Diamond Dynasty game modes in MLB The Show 22.

Mini Seasons is the new star this year, but the classics from the past are as great as ever and every player should be able to find one that they enjoy.

Single-Player Game Modes:

  • Mini Seasons: This new game mode allows players to compete in a multi-week fantasy league against CPU-controlled teams, and every new season means a new lineup for those teams taken from actual Diamond Dynasty squads that other players use in MLB The Show 22.
  • Conquest: Conquer territories across every map in this unique Risk-inspired mode where you'll also play three inning games and can find Hidden Rewards.
  • Showdown: Draft and build a new squad each time to take on individual challenges and eventually knock out the Showdown Final Boss.
  • Play vs CPU: Earn XP and complete missions in a standard nine inning game against the CPU.

Online Multiplayer Game Modes:

  • Ranked Seasons: Complete against online opponents and attempt to climb the leaderboard for top rewards at the end of each evaluation period.
  • Co-Op: Team up with friends or other random players online to build a combined Diamond Dynasty squad from both player's collections that you'll then use to compete online in co-op games.
  • Battle Royale: Draft a 26-man team and attempt to stack 12 wins over your online opponents, but two losses cause an elimination and will force you to start over with a new Battle Royale run.
  • Events: Build limited squads based on specific Event rules and rack up as many wins as possible to score massive rewards.
  • Play vs Friends: Challenge your friends in an unranked game with customizable settings.
  • Casual: Refine your skills by playing an unranked nine inning game.

New content and challenges will continue to hit Diamond Dynasty every week and often multiple times a week, so always keep an eye on @MLBTheShow on Twitter to catch the latest drops.

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