MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Pack Overlay Bug & How to Fix it

MLB The Show 22 early access has finally arrived, and that means hundreds of thousands of players jumping online to get started. With that rush comes some server strain, and MLB The Show is no stranger to server issues on a massive launch day.

In the chaos of the MLB The Show 22 launch day, a new bug has hit players when opening packs in Diamond Dynasty. This bug puts an empty overlay over packs after opening them, blocking items and options.

Here's what we know about the MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty pack overlay bug and how to fix it.

Diamond Dynasty Pack Overlay Bug

The first bug we've seen in MLB The Show 22 since its early access launch has been a nuisance in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22 pack overlay bug diamond dynasty
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SHOW OUT: This pack overlay bug blocks options when opening DD packs

This bug places an empty overlay on the screen when opening Diamond Dynasty packs, blocking items and choices during the process.

While it's not been fully confirmed, this bug likely happens after a player disconnects from MLB The Show 22 servers while inside of a Diamond Dynasty pack.

So how can players fix this Diamond Dynasty bug and get back to cracking packs?

How to Fix

To fix this Diamond Dynasty pack overlay bug in MLB The Show 22, players must exit the game entirely - either by starting a different game or turning off their console.

MLB The Show 22 batting gameplay
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SWING, BATTER BATTER: It's time to step up to the plate in MLB The Show 22

This bug doesn't go away from switching game modes within MLB The Show 22, even after playing an entire game in one of these alternate modes.

With many players looking forward to an MLB The Show 22 day 1 update to make optimizations, improvements, and bug fixes - we can only hope this pack bug will make that list.

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