MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Features REVEALED: Mini Seasons, Featured Programs & more

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MLB The Show 22's final feature premier before the game's early access launch tonight centered on the Diamond Dynasty game mode.

Diamond Dynasty is the Ultimate Team-style game mode in MLB The Show, letting players build rosters of stars from throughout baseball history to battle it out with others.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty includes some awesome new additions this year, so let's dive right in!

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty New Features

Diamond Dynasty is getting a ton of new features and additions in MLB The Show 22.

Mini Seasons

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty will offer a fantastic new offline game mode in Mini Seasons. This game mode creates leagues of 8 teams, each made up of real Diamond Dynasty team rosters, and players will battle it out over a quick season with these opponents, including playoffs and an eventual championship final.

MLB The Show 22 Mini Seasons
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PENNANT RACE: MLB The Show 22 mini seasons offers players the chance to fight for accolades in offline seasons with 8 team leagues

Players will get a ton of rewards for winning the final of Mini Seasons in Diamond Dynasty, and some rewards for other top-end finishes as well. This isn't all, though, as unique challenges and more will also feature in this mode to offer other reward paths. These unique challenges will change every Mini Season, and some will offer bonus rewards based on the difficulty you play at.

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Featured Programs

Diamond Dynasty programs will now be consolidated into two categories - Featured Programs and Other Programs.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Featured Program Faces of the Franchise
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BIG GOALS: Featured Programs are the big challenge each month in Diamond Dynasty

Featured Programs will cycle every month, and give players more long-term goals to unlock massive rewards along the way. The first Featured Program of MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty will be Faces of the Franchise, which will reward players who grind enough XP to pick up things like massive Faces of the Franchise Choice Packs.

Check out the Featured Program list and the details we know so far below which cover the first two months after the game's launch:

  • Featured Program #1 - Face of the Franchise
    • 4 weeks long
    • 30 Bosses / Earn 12
  • Featured Program #2 - TBD
    • 3 weeks long
    • 5 Bosses / Choose 2
  • Featured Program #3 - TBD
    • 2 weeks long
    • Hidden Legend Boss

Diamond Dynasty Co-Op

This year MLB The Show 22 will feature Diamond Dynasty Co-Op gameplay, allowing for 2v2 and 3v3 online games against other teams of real players.

This game mode allows participating players to slot in players from their own Diamond Dynasty squads, making for some fun teambuilding before the first pitch is thrown.

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Will MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty feature Universal DH?

Despite the MLB's recent ruling to offer a universal DH (designated hitter), MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty will not feature this rule.

The development team was particular in mentioning that this feature wouldn't make it to MLB The Show 22, which could imply it will be coming in MLB The Show 23.

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