MLB The Show 22: Easy XP Glitch lets you grind fast in Road to the Show

MLB The Show 22 is finally here, and there's already an XP glitch on the radar of many fans to easily grind quick XP.

We've got all the details on how to use this MLB The Show 22 XP glitch in Road to the Show for rewards all across the game including Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22 XP Glitch Settings

Each year there are new grind methods being discovered right out of the gate, and that's no different this time with an MLB The Show 22 XP glitch already presenting itself.

This method comes courtesy of YouTuber Bigtomk22, and you'll be able to head into Road to the Show this year for some massive XP boosts.

Road to the Show has multiple Archetype Programs linked to the core Archetype Item that your Ballplayer Loadout is built upon, and completing these Archetype Programs is how you'll be able to get a ton of XP very fast.

There are a few setup steps, starting with a separate roster to use in RTTS that can be found by heading to the Roster Vault and searching "Bigtomk22" as the Online ID and downloading the one called "ALL ZERO'S CHOOSE DETROIT."

MLB The Show 22 XP Glitch
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DOWNLOAD ROSTER: Head to the Roster Vault as your first step

After doing this, start a new Road to the Show save dedicated to this method and create a new Ballplayer, while the fielder options are best for speeding through this you'll also be able to use the method through the pitching archetypes later if desired.

You can choose Power, Contact, or Fielding, but it's key to note that to grind all the available XP from these Archetype Programs you'd need to do a Ballplayer with each path, so choose whichever you want to get started.

MLB The Show 22 XP Glitch
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SLOT IT IN: Get your downloaded roster in place

Once your Ballplayer is set, you'll have the Roster Selection pop-up and want to choose "Load Saved Rosters" at the bottom so you can select the ALL ZERO'S CHOOSE DETROIT roster mentioned above.

MLB The Show 22 XP Glitch
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DETROIT OR BUST: You absolutely need to choose the Detroit Tigers

From there, begin your Road to the Show by choosing the Detroit Tigers so you can get drafted to that team, which is needed to utilize the roster you've downloaded.

Next up, there are some settings that need to be put in place before things get rolling, starting with Presentation where you need to ensure it's set to Fast Play, and then head to Mode Specific and ensure that Player Lock Fielding Opportunities is set to None and Player Lock Baserunning Opportunities is set to Lead Runner.

Sliders for Easy XP in Road to the Show

Finally, the last step before you can get rolling with this XP glitch to grind, you'll have to set your Sliders from the Settings within Road to the Show.

MLB The Show 22 Sliders
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STACK THE DECK: Use these Sliders changes to set yourself up for success

While there are a few Sliders that can be left in the middle, you'll be moving several to Max (far right, all blue) or Min (far left, all gray) levels.

The following Sliders should be set to Max:

  • Human Contact
  • Human Power
  • Human Timing
  • Human Foul Frequency
  • Human Solid Hits
  • Human Starter Stamina
  • Human Reliever Stamina
  • Human Pitcher Control
  • Human Pitcher Consistency
  • CPU Pitcher Control
  • CPU Pitcher Consistency
  • CPU Strike Frequency
  • Fielding Errors Infield
  • Fielding Errors Outfield
  • Throwing Errors Infield
  • Throwing Errors Outfield
  • Baserunner Speed
  • Baserunner Steal Ability
  • Baserunner Steal Frequency

The following Sliders should be set to Min:

  • CPU Contact
  • CPU Power
  • CPU Timing
  • CPU Foul Frequency
  • CPU Solid Hits
  • CPU Starter Stamina
  • CPU Reliever Stamina
  • CPU Manager Hook
  • CPU Pickoffs
  • Fielder Run Speed
  • Fielder Reaction
  • Fielder Arm Strength Infield
  • Fielder Arm Strength Outfield
  • Gameplay Injury Frequency
  • Simulator Injury Frequency
  • Trade Frequency

Please note that will you will receive a warning about XP being reduced, it's not an issue in this situation at all and won't affect how the method works.

Now that you've got all the preliminary work in place, take a look at the Item Program for the Archetype Item currently equipped to your Ballplayer and take note the most key Missions are repeatable ones for Plate Appearances, Hits, Extra-base Hits, and Stolen Bases.

MLB The Show 22 XP Glitch
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RTTS MISSIONS: Take a glance at these, as this is how you'll get all that XP

Now that you've got all the setup out of the way, it's time to hit the field in Road to the Show and notice how easy it is to dominate.

With the Sliders and Roster in place, you should be able to easily steal bases after each hit and even if you fail it just sets you up for the next at-bat.

While there is some legwork in getting this one going, actually putting these settings in place only takes a few minutes, and you'll more than reap the rewards as you complete each Archetype Program.

XP Glitch can only be repeated a limited number of times

Unfortunately, like many great things, there is a catch in that this MLB The Show 22 XP Glitch is not able to be repeated an infinite number of times.

This method isn't focused on grinding Gameplay XP, though you will get some just by doing it, but rather linked to these Archetype Programs in Road to the Show.

Each Archetype Item has four tiers with their own program (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond), and after completing each path you'll have to move to a different Archetype Item with its own program.

MLB The Show 22 XP Glitch
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LIMITED: You can only go through each program one time

That means for an entire MLB The Show 22 save, this method is only doable a total of 12 times for a position player.

You can also use this method for each of the four Pitcher Archetypes (with four tiers again per Archetype), giving you 16 more attempts with the caveat that it takes significantly longer doing this while pitching.

Finally there's one via the Two-Way Player, which also has four tiers, and that brings the grand total of times you can use this XP Glitch in MLB The Show 22 to 29 times and only the first 12 have the optimum level of speed in completing them.

While this may not seem like a major issue early, the reason to be careful is that this method should be repeatable when future programs arrive with more powerful cards.

If players would rather space things out, they need to ensure not to complete all of these right out of the gate, and then this method will still be usable in future Featured Programs in Diamond Dynasty.

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