MLB The Show 22 Mystery Mission: 'Are you even trying?' guide, Mini Seasons rewards

With the game just arriving, players are already searching for the MLB The Show 22 Mystery Mission that's been linked to Mini Seasons.

We've got all the details you need on how to trigger 'Are you even trying?' and snag the Mystery Choice Pack from this MLB The Show 22 Mystery Mission.

MLB The Show 22 Mystery Mission: How to trigger 'Are you even trying?'

MLB The Show 22 has only just kicked off Early Access and is primed for a worldwide launch, but there's already plenty of focus on the secret Mystery Mission in Mini Seasons.

Any time there's a hidden goal like this, players scramble to try and figure out how it works, and fortunately this Mini Seasons Mystery Mission has already been solved.

When you're playing through Mini Seasons in Diamond Dynasty, the goal of the 'Are you even trying?' Mystery Mission is actually to force multiple errors in a game.

MLb The Show 22 mystery mission are you even trying
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MINI SEASONS: This is where you're looking for this Mystery Mission

To complete it, you'll need to perform three errors in a single game of Mini Seasons, something most easily completed by throwing far too early or late when fielding.

Grounders are most likely to give you this opportunity, and if you're using the timed meter for each throw you can intentionally land on the far left or right outside of the green to force a bad throw.

Once completed, you'll receive the Mystery Choice Pack which in this case happens to be a Classic Stadium Choice Pack.

If players hope to complete the GOAT Collection, the best pick here is Polo Grounds, but any of them are fun additions and can be sold for some quick stubs if that's what you need most.

Mini Seasons may get another Mystery Mission soon

With the immediate interest and success we're already seeing in this first Mystery Mission, we expect these to become a recurring addition for MLB The Show 22.

They may all be linked to Mini Seasons, but so far we just don't know enough yet about their Mystery Mission plans.

MLB The Show 22 has changed up the way they handle Featured Programs, and the current one isn't set to expire until April 29, 2022.

However, with new pack drops and Conquest maps expected to keep content coming between now and then, we could see yet another Mystery Mission slipped into MLB The Show 22.

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