4th Inning Program kicks off in MLB The Show 21

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MLB The Show 21 has finally released the 4th Inning Program in Diamond Dynasty, and Wander Franco is just one of this program's must-have rewards.

We've got all the details on when the program is set to start and end in MLB The Show 21, rewards you can earn, Conquest maps, and much more!


MLB The Show 21 4th Inning Program Start & End Date

MLB The Show 21 has now sent the 4th Inning Program live, and it looks likely to be the same or similar length to the previous programs of the same name in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 21 4th Inning Program Rewards Bosses How to Complete
JULY DAILY MOMENTS: The program also went live today

Each has lasted approximately four weeks, with the 3rd Inning Program changing it up a bit by shaving one day off that timeframe in order to release at the same time as the July Daily Moments Program.

Start Date: Thursday, July 1, 2021 at Noon PT (2pm CT/3pm ET)

End Date: Friday, July 30, 2021 at Noon PT (2pm CT/3pm ET)

It looks like the shift in program length for July was only to make the release simultaneous with Daily Moments, as in-game is currently showing July 30, 2021 as the end of the 4th Inning Program.


Wander Franco and more revealed as 4th Inning Bosses

We finally know which bosses will be available in the 4th Inning Program, and the big news is all three are 99 OVR cards.

Once you work through the program and earn the 4th Inning Bosses Choice Pack, you'll be able to pick Wander Franco, Eddie Murray, or Christy Mathewson.

As for which one you select, the choice will depend on where your needs lie, as each is a dominant option at their respective positions.

If you're happy with your lineup and don't think holding onto them is needed, check their marketplace value prior to opening the pack and select whichever one will net you the most Stubs when sold.

4th Inning of July Conquest Map

As always, a new Inning Program means new Conquest maps, and the first being added this time is the 4th Inning of July Conquest Map.


While we don't know their locations or details yet, there will definitely be some hidden rewards littered throughout this map with free Stubs and Packs.

MLB The Show 21 4th Inning Program Rewards Bosses How to Complete 4th Inning of July Conquest Map
4TH OF JULY: Celebrate the holiday with this Star Spangled Conquest

This first map leans into the 4th of July theme that will carry some patriotic colors throughout the 4th Inning Program, with this map being modeled after the United States flag.

How to Complete the 4th Inning Program

While it will take a lot of effort to make your way through the 4th Inning Program, the good news is that you'll earn XP everywhere in MLB The Show 21 that goes towards these rewards.

You can view the full reward track within Diamond Dynasty to see where your current XP total is at and where you need to be for each individual reward.

Themes have been the name of the game with each Inning Program, including the 2nd Inning Program going with a space theme while the 3rd Inning Program was more food-centric.

MLB The Show 21 4th Inning Program Rewards Bosses How to Complete
RED, WHITE, AND BLUE: Star Spangled Rewards await in the 4th Inning Program

As for the 4th Inning Program, the "4th Inning of July" Conquest map should make it pretty obvious, and you'll find several red, white, and blue coated rewards throughout the 4th Inning Program.

If you're more focused on Road to the Show than Diamond Dynasty, you can still snag some worthwhile rewards as major Ballplayer packs are available in the 4th Inning Program reward track.

Daily Missions, Collections & more

Daily Missions are some of the easiest ways to snag some extra XP each day you choose to play MLB The Show 21, and they tend to have four each day.

Two of them are usually online-specific, making them usually the hardest to complete and often the most time-consuming.

One will is usually much simpler, asking for innings pitched or innings played for players from a particular team, and it being an offline mission allows you to do it while working through Conquest.

Conquest is one of the best ways to earn rewards, XP, and progress in various Programs such as 4th Inning, Player Programs, Monthly Awards, and Team Affinity.


You can build lineups specifically to complete various Missions in both the 4th Inning Program and others, and if you get used to the strategy of Conquest you can make almost all of the games you play as easy as Rookie Difficulty.

MLB The Show 21 4th Inning Program Rewards Bosses How to Complete 4th Inning of July Conquest Map
GRIND FOR THE BOSSES: Work your way to snagging part of this trio

If you're struggling with Conquest and need tips or want to know where the hidden rewards are located, check out our detailed Conquest guide.

Completing the 4th Inning of July Conquest Map will net you an extra chunk of XP for the 4th Inning Program, and you can also snag some XP by completing Collections.

It's important to note that Collections within Programs aren't found in the seperate Collections tab in Diamond Dynasty.

You'll need to go within the individual program to locate the Collection and secure the necessary cards, but any card you've previously used in a separate Collection will still be valid for these Program Collections.

Finally, there are a few set Missions for the 4th Inning Program that will give you some XP after knocking out some tasks in Online Diamond Dynasty Game Modes like Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, or Events.


There are only four showing at this time, but they could add more between now and the conclusion of the 4th Inning Program.