July Daily Moments spotlight Milestone Pablo Sandoval

MLB The Show 21 is ringing in the new month with the launch of the July Daily Moments Program in Diamond Dynasty.

With new challenges on the way and some major players up for grabs including Milestone Pablo Sandoval, here's everything you need to know to complete this MLB The Show 21 program.

July Daily Moments Program

You don't have to wait any longer, the July Daily Moments Program is now live in MLB The Show 21, moving onto their fourth monthly program of this kind in Diamond Dynasty.

You'll have the opportunity to snag various Packs and Stubs along the way, but it's all pointing to the Evolution players and a major final reward.

You'll also be able to unlock an Evolution Rewind Pack, which can be used to choose any of the previous Evolution players you didn't get to unlock in April, May, or June.

Once an Evolution player has been unlocked, it grants you access to a Player Program with a series of Missions and Moments that must be completed to unlock a much more powerful Diamond version of that player.

For the July Daily Moments Program, you'll be aiming to unlock Rookie Nelson Cruz, Rookie Whitey Ford, and eventually Milestone Pablo Sandoval.

How to Complete in MLB The Show 21

The biggest thing you'll need to complete the July Daily Moments Program is time, as you'll need to return to the game on an almost daily basis to take care of each new Daily Moment in Diamond Dynasty.

Exactly how challenging each Daily Moment can be will vary wildly, with some offering simple challenges like pitching one or two innings or scoring two hits.

MLB The Show 21 July Daily Moments Program All Rewards How to Complete Which Evolution Player to Pick Choice Pack
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WHAT IF: Some momens will imagine a classic dream matchup

However, others can challenge you to take on a full 3-inning game on Veteran Difficulty or require you to tally several bases or extra base hits.

Throughout the month, keep an eye on the MLB The Show Twitter account, as they'll often tweet out a reminder when Double Daily Moments Points are available.

These occur at random throughout the month and aren't super frequent, but a few two-point days can help you make up some lost progress if you missed some.

All Diamond Dynasty Program Rewards

If you're able to work your way through the full July Daily Moments Program, you'll earn 12,000 Stubs, 26 different packs, Milestone Pablo Sandoval, and the Gold Pocket Watch Profile Icon.

That won't be an easy task, as there are just 31 days in July but 37 Points needed to finish the program all the way to the end.

MLB The Show 21 July Daily Moments Program All Rewards How to Complete Which Evolution Player to Pick Choice Pack
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REAP THE REWARDS: Complete as many as you can to earn these bonuses

Due to that gap, we can expect Double Points for at least six different days in July, as that's the only way anyone could finish the program.

You won't need quite that level of consistency for the Evolution players or even Pablo Sandoval though, as the first July Evolution Choice Pack requires just 10 Points and 5 more unlocks the second.

Milestone Pablo Sandoval won't be an easy challenge to unlock, but 25 Points is manageable even if you miss a few days, especially if you make sure not to miss out on Double Points days.

The following rewards are given as you earn points in the July Daily Moments Program:

  • 1 Point: The Show Pack
  • 4 Points: 1000 Stubs
  • 5 Points: Evolution Rewind Choice Pack
  • 7 Points: 3 The Show Packs
  • 10 Points: July Evolution Choice Pack
  • 11 Points: 1000 Stubs
  • 14 Points: Headliners Set 18 Pack
  • 15 Points: July Evolution Choice Pack
  • 19 Points: Headliners Set 20 Pack
  • 23 Points: 2500 Stubs
  • 25 Points: Milestone Pablo Sandoval
  • 29 Points: 2 Ballin' is a Habit Packs
  • 31 Points: 5 The Show Packs
  • 32 Points: 2500 Stubs
  • 33 Points: 5 The Show Packs
  • 34 Points: Space 2 Choice Pack
  • 35 Points: Space 3 Choice Pack
  • 36 Points: 3 Ballin' is a Habit Packs
  • 37 Points: 5000 Stubs & Gold Pocket Watch Profile Icon

MLB The Show 21 also launched Game Update 10 just before this program went live, and we've got detailed patch notes here.

Who should you pick in each Evolution Choice Pack?

While one challenge of the July Daily Moments Program is just remaining consistent enough to earn rewards, another will be choosing a player in each Evolution Rewind Pack.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind not just what the player's Rookie card is able to do, but what kind of Diamond card you'll get at the end of their Evolution Program.

If you're working through the Mariano Rivera Collection, you may be struggling to get players of a specific category, and these Evolution Programs can help.

For the Evolution Rewind Pack, the first factor will be whether you've previously unlocked any of them, and that could quickly narrow down the field for you.

MLB The Show 21 July Daily Moments Program All Rewards How to Complete Which Evolution Player to Pick Choice Pack
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THROWBACK: Make up for missed moments of the past with the Rewind Pack

Upon completion of their Evolution Programs, you'll be able to unlock an All-Star Jason Giambi, Breakout Matt Kemp, All-Star Madison Bumgarner, All-Star Gary Carter, or All-Star Ozzie Smith.

Each has their own individual strengths and their value to you will depend on your current squad, but they're all Diamond tier players.

As for this month's options, you'll ideally want to snag enough points to unlock both, but again your choice must depend on your current lineup and your collection needs.

Completion of their respective programs will unlock either a 93 OVR Awards Nelson Cruz or a 93 OVR Signature Whitey Ford, both of which can be difficult to acquire for the Rivera Collection.

MLB The Show 21 July Daily Moments Program All Rewards How to Complete Which Evolution Player to Pick Choice Pack
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BOTH IS GOOD: Ideally, you wanna get enough points to nab both of these

As for pure stats, Cruz is a massive asset at the plate with a 125 in Control vs. Left-Handed Pitchers and 114 in Power vs. Left-Handed Pitchers, as well as a 104 in Power vs. Right-Handed Pitchers and 89 in Control vs. Right-Handed Pitchers.

Meanwhile, Whitey Ford is a potential boon for your rotation, with a 110 in Pitching Clutch and 118 in Stamina backed up by a solid 94 in both Hits per 9 Innings and Home Runs per 9 Innings.

Also make sure to check out the latest Roster Update to see which 10 players made the leap to Diamond for their Live Series card in Diamond Dynasty.

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