1st Inning Eric Davis now live in Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 21 is available now with Early Access and lands for all players tonight, but the race is already on to earn some of the best Diamond Dynasty players around.

Fortunately, there's already a new legend to look for as the Player Program for 1st Inning Eric Davis is live and you can add him to your Diamond Dynasty team in MLB The Show 21 right now.

Diamond Dynasty Player Program: 1st Inning Eric Davis

While most known for his seven years with the Cincinnati Reds, which earned him the nickname Eric the Red, this Diamond Dynasty Player Program puts the spotlight on his time with the Baltimore Orioles.

LIVE NOW: You can hop into Diamond Dynasty now to earn Eric Davis
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LIVE NOW: You can hop into Diamond Dynasty now to earn Eric Davis

Davis spent two years with the Orioles in 1997 and 1998, and it was his first year there that he won the Roberto Clemente Award.

The award is given to the player who "best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual's contribution to his team."

Davis earned the honor in 1997, and this 1st Inning Player Program for MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty showcases the impact he made in those two years with the Orioles.

1st Inning Eric Davis Diamond Dynasty Stats

If you want to know whether it's worth seeking out and adding Eric Davis to your Diamond Dynasty team, this 85 OVR card is boosted by a handful of epic stats.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Eric Davis 1st Inning Player Program Stats
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DIAMOND DAVIS: He can anchor your outfield in Diamond Dynasty

Right at the top, Davis is an amazing addition as a batter with a 106 in Contact Right, and that's backed up by an 82 in Contact Left and 80 in Power Right and Power Left.

Davis has also got a very strong 89 in Clutch, meaning he'll be there for you when the game is on the line in Diamond Dynasty.

How to Unlock 1st Inning Eric Davis

If you want to unlock 1st Inning Eric Davis for your Diamond Dynasty team, you'll have to complete a combination of missions and moments.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Eric Davis 1st Inning Player Program Stats
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LEGENDARY MOMENTS: Reliving these iconic pieces of history will earn you points

You also have the option to earn some Player Programs Points by exchanging already earned players, but it will take quite a few and this only gets you a small part of the way there.

You can earn Davis without having to exchange a single player, and that's probably your best course of action for this 1st Inning Player Program.


There are three missions available to complete, and each of them will take place in various Diamond Dynasty Game Modes.

  • Extra Base Hits with CF - ONLINE: Tally 5 Extra Base Hits with Center Fielders in Ranked Seasons, Battle, or Events (Rewards 10 Points)
  • Hits with BAL - ONLINE: Tally 10 Hits with Orioles players in Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, or Events (Rewards 10 Points)
  • Defeat BAL on All-Star - Play Vs CPU: Defeat the Orioles on All-Star Difficulty or Higher in Play Vs CPU (Rewards 8 Points)


The quickest and most effective way to rack up points in the Eric Davis Player Program is by completing Moments, which are small snapshots in games that you can continuously restart until you complete the goals.

  • Eric the Oriole (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 2 Hits and 1 Extra Base Hit in one game (Rewards 7 Points)
  • I Just Hit (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 2 Extra Base Hits in one game (Rewards 7 Points)
  • Eric Digs The Long Ball (Rookie Difficulty): Hit 1 Home Run (Rewards 7 Points)
  • Orioles vs. Athletics (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 6 Hits in three games (Rewards 7 Points)
  • Orioles vs. Tigers (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 12 Total Bases in three games (Rewards 7 Points)
  • Make It 30 (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 4 Total Bases in one game (Rewards 7 Points)

Completing all six of these moments will leave you just 8 points shy of earning Eric Davis, which you can finish up by doing any one of the three Missions.

All Eric Davis Player Program Rewards

While the ultimate reward for scoring enough points in this 1st Inning Player Program is the actual Eric Davis Player Item, there are some other rewards along the way.

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The actual combination of Missions, Moments, and Exchange you choose to rack up the necessary 50 points doesn't matter, but you may find the Moments quicker to complete while two of the three Missions can be completed while doing other things in Diamond Dynasty.

Here's every reward in the 1st Inning Eric Davis Player Program:

  • 10 Points: 500 Stubs
  • 20 Points: One The Show Pack
  • 30 Points: 1000 Stubs
  • 40 Points: Two The Show Packs
  • 45 Points: Baltimore Orioles Home 1995 Uniform Set
  • 50 Points: Eric Davis Player Item

While Diamond Dynasty ratings are separate from in-game roster ratings elsewhere in MLB The Show 21, you can take a look at our list to see who earned the honor of being the highest rated overall players on this year's rosters.

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