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23 Feb 2021

MLB The Show 21 RTTS takes career mode to new heights

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Latest - RTTS Ballplayer can be taken to other modes

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MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show (RTTS)

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MLB The Show 21 is looking very promising, and we're now just a few short months away from launch day.

There's plenty of information available, including what we can expect in the career mode for MLB The Show 21, Road to the Show.

Latest - RTTS Ballplayer can be taken to other modes

We've been getting frequent updates from Coach and Tatis Jr. about MLB The Show 21, and the latest news for Road to the Show is truly exciting.

For the first time, you'll be able to take your Ballplayer from Road to the Show (RTTS) into other modes of the game, including Diamond Dynasty.

Diamond Dynasty, the online Ultimate Team game mode, is one of the most complex parts of MLB The Show 21, but it can also be very rewarding.

You can read more about Diamond Dynasty here.

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show (RTTS)

Looking to play through a baseball career from the minors to the big league? Road to the Show is the career mode from the MLB The Show series, and it takes you along the whole journey.

In MLB The Show 20, Road to the Show introduced several new systems that players are excited to see built out in MLB The Show 21. Let's go over these and what we're hoping to see in the new game this year.

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These are the new features introduced to Road to the Show, and we expect they'll get even better in MLB The Show 21.


MLB The Show 20 introduced a new relationship system, where the choices players made would impact their relationships with teammates and opponents alike. This includes text conversations leading up to games and dialogue choices.

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show relationships friends rivals
FRIENDS OR FOES: You can maintain good or bad relationships with other players in Road to the Show

Depending on which personality type you chose, your player could get better based on the kinds of relationships they formed.

We expect this system will continue on to MLB The Show 21, and will hopefully include more options, more dialogue choices, and other expansions.

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MLB The Show introduced a brand new mechanic to Road to the Show in recent years, personalities.

MLB The Show 21 RTTS Road to the Show Personalities Trees Captain
PERSONALIZE: Personalities mean customization for who your RTTS player is

RTTS players would choose two personality types when creating their character, and depending on these choices, would get different benefits and unlock different skill trees.

While players can eventually build up any of the personality skill trees in RTTS, this gave the career mode some flair that no other sports franchise has done before.

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MLB The Show 21 is leveling up the series massively by branching out to Xbox One and Xbox Series X with crossplay. The game will also be the first of the series developed for next gen consoles.

But these aren't the only upgrades we're hoping to see this year.

Here's what we want to see in MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show (RTTS).

More Choices

Road to the Show follows along your player's journey from college to the minor leagues to the MLB. Along the way you'll make plenty of important choices.

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show Dynamic Challenge
CHOICE: Road to the Show is driven along by the choices players make

For MLB The Show 21, we're hoping to see even more choices when it comes to dialogue options, customization, and more.

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Expanded Personality Trees

Personality trees have added a whole new layer to the Road to the Show experience.

With MLB The Show 21, adding more than 4 personality types and trees will give a ton of more customization to the RTTS journey, and more ways to activate them will be even better.


One thing RTTS has lacked in comparison to some other premiere sports series career modes is voiceovers for dialogue.

While this is a huge ask, voiceovers for dialogue add a huge amount of immersion and would make the career mode feel more real than ever.

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