Does Splitgate have voice chat? Communication explained

Splitgate has really come a long way in the last few months alone. Slowly building up over a period of years, it has hit its stride recently with hundreds of thousands of players and more than a few issues. This is to be expected from a beta this size but that doesn't mean we don't have a few workarounds.

Now that that the servers have been performing well again, one of the biggest issues when playing the game is its voice chat function. This is what we know about the problems.

Splitgate's Voice Chat Issue

Players have found that, while voice chat works in pregame lobbies, you can't hear your friends in-game anymore. It's unclear as to why this is happening but these kinds of bugs are expected in betas.

This means that, technically, Splitgate does have voice chat but it's not operating as intended just yet.

How to Fix Voice Chat Issues

The first fix is to use a third-party software to chat with your friends like Discord. On the plus side, you can access the Splitgate Discord to see queue times, server status and generally chat to the community.

You may even be able to find some friends to queue up with there. There are apps you can use and communities you can find this way to play with in the future. Although voice chat works better, this isn't a bad compromise for now.

Outside of this, you may just have to wait for the next big update to hope they have fixed the issue.

You can let them know over on their Twitter page as they seem very receptive to criticism right now. If you let them know this is something the community cares about, they will be more likely to fix it quickly. Hopefully, it will be patched out soon. Come back here for all the latest updates as more information comes in.

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