1047 Games update fans on what to expect for remainder of Splitgate's Beta

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Splitgate has gone through so many changes over the last month or so. This is due to the huge player figures and semi-broken servers. Luckily, the game is far more stable now

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Here's every change the servers go through and the information on them when they go down.


Latest - New Server Update

The servers went down briefly on August 19th and came back online with a few nice little updates. You can now play ranked 2v2s in-game

This is the first of many changes the game is due to see soon.

New Update

The servers were taken down on the morning of August 6th for an hour to add 360fps support for PC, autosprint and an automatic kick for those who AFK for too long.


The team believe that, with the huge server waits, many players are going AFK and staying in lobbies to retain their place. This should help with matchmaking.

Servers have been improving

After some pretty big server issues, the team over at Splitgate are celebrating some huge changes to them. The recent patch has appeared to offer better capacity and stability, a great sign for the future.

This means that the game should only improve from here with better player counts and more stable servers

What To Expect From The Beta Going Forwards?

Following a surge in concurrent players and issues with matchmaking, 1047 Games has opted to issue the following statement:

" Message to our Beta Testers: Olly, Nick, and Michael are working hard and continuing to make progress on server stability and capacity for tomorrow. At the moment, our primary focus is stability over capacity.
" What this means for tomorrow: Our goal for tomorrow is to stably support 100k concurrent users with casual, ranked, and customs and a more robust queue system. We plan to give updates on expected wait times in our discord throughout the day.
" Before we set everything live, we may do a shorter hour-long "live QA" smoke test tomorrow during the day (pacific time) with support for 10-20k players.
" This will help us tremendously, as we are currently limited to testing major changes internally before setting it lives to hundreds of thousands. If you choose to participate, expect longer wait times and potential bugs.
" As always, we want to reiterate this is a BETA, and we really appreciate your patience, feedback, and support We will continue to provide you with updates. - CardinalSoldier (CEO, 1047 Games) "

Essentially, the Splitgate servers are aiming to support 100,000 concurrent players but the focus for the development team is on the stability of matchmaking. There are going to be several smaller server tests that should help further reinforce any larger alterations being made.

SERVER UPDATE - Extended Downtime Confirmed

It isn't the news anyone wanted to hear, but the news we have. 1047 Games has confirmed that the Splitgate servers are going to be down until at least "Friday PT". This means you might not be able to play until the early morning of July 30th.

If they go up at midnight... 00:00 PST / 03:00 EST / 08:00 BST is when we'll see the game's online matchmaking return. However, this will more than likely be a lot later in the day.

With a team of only four back-end engineers, you can see why 1047 Games are struggling. Splitgate's Beta has had well over half a million downloads at this point and the servers were initially only able to cope with around 65,000 concurrent users.

Splitgate Servers Are Offline, For Now

At the moment, Splitgate's servers are offline following a VERY successful Beta period for the title. As a team of four engineers, the game was met with over half a million downloads during its Beta testing period and understandably caused a few issues server-side.


Here's the announcement that was made earlier today...

Splitgate is slated to release on July 27th, which is both the "Tuesday" and "tomorrow" that are being mentioned in the tweet above, so we're pretty certain something exciting is coming. The announcement is due to arrive at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST, give or take an hour.

Someone commented on the Battle Pass being broken and the Splitgate Twitter account told them to keep an eye on tomorrow's announcement so this could be what we're going to hear more about. Perhaps, even, a free tier or two?

Splitgate went offline at 21:00 PST (July 25th) / 00:00 EST / 05:00 BST on July 26th; We're expecting this to be the same time the title comes back online for release the following day.

So far in Splitgate's Beta period, it has been the top "Free Game" on Xbox, trending first on the PS Store, and has been the highest trending title on Steam with a record-breaking peak.

It's safe to say the support from the fans is there... we now just have to wait for their servers to catch up, and a newly revealed $10m investment to expand server and staffing should do just the trick!