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1047 Games give Splitgate a new release window following Beta extension

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Splitgate has been out for some time in early access but the recent console ports of the free beta have caused an explosion in popularity that has majorly shaped the future of the game. You can read about its past, present and future in our interviews right now.

Needless to say, you might be curious as to when the game will officially launch, here is what we know.

LATEST - Splitgate release date "indefinitely delayed"

As reported by GameRant, the Splitgate beta is continuing on and the release date has been indefinitely put on hold.

This is likely due to the huge and rather recent popularity of the game. They are likely planning for a big release at some point in the future.

The Open Beta Must Go On!

1047 Games has confirmed that Splitgate's servers should be back up and ready to go following a period of downtime and crash issues. There was a full server reset thrown in there and a "lost items" bug, but things should be fixed and Splitgate should now be available with a higher capacity and "server and game crashes way down".

The team acknowledge there's still a lot of work to do, hence the extended Open Beta and unconfirmed release date, but it's a step in the right direction.

When Is Splitgate Due To Fully Release?

Splitgate's Beta has been extended and its release date pushed back from July 27th to August, but we don't know when exactly.

Earlier in the week, 1047 Games tweeted out that their servers can only handle around 65,000 concurrent players at a time. With over two million downloads in the last month on all platforms, this doesn't seem like a whole lot of space.

We can imagine that the delayed release date will see Splitgate launch in the second half of the month. This would allow for further server optimisation and expansion to be sorted out. This does mean that the extended Beta is going to be a bit busy, though...

Why Was It Delayed?

Although we don't know the exact reason, you have to imagine it is due to the server issues Splitgate has suffered during its Beta testing period. With a capacity of 65,000 concurrent players, Splitgate simply cannot meet the demand from the players at the moment.

It sounds like Splitgate 1.0 was ready to go, though, as 1047 Games has confirmed that some of the content from the planned launch schedule is going to be added to the game on July 27th as scheduled.

This includes three new maps to play on, a number of new customisation options in-game, additional settings, and more. A FOV slider is coming to the console versions of Splitgate, too. This is something Warzone players have wanted for a while and should make a lot of players happy.

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