Does hit shooter Splitgate have Cross progression?

Splitgate has made a bit of an impression on players over the last few years. With a successful two-year-long early access period on PC, it's finally making its way to consoles (though there's no confirmation of Nintendo Switch just yet). This success has been met with unstable servers and promises of brand new updates.

If you're someone who likes to play on tonnes of different platforms, you may be thankful for how far cross progression has come along in games in the past few years. Here's what you should know about playing Splitgate on multiple platforms.

Splitgate Release Date

We don't know the official launch date of Splitgate just yet but the devs have confirmed they are trying to get it out sometime in August. It could always get delayed but here is when we're expecting to see it for ourselves.

Expect all the latest updates on the release date and launch window right here going into the future.

Does Splitgate Have Cross Progression?

The game is currently in open beta across all platforms it's scheduled to release on and we don't have cross progression yet. This means we likely won't have it in time for launch either.

This being said, the game is currently seeing continuous updates and the team are very receptive to feedback. If you raise your voice enough and let them know over on their Twitter page, we could see cross progression in the future.

They clearly weren't prepared for the huge playerbase the game has seen so they're fixing one thing at a time right now. Hopefully, we will see it in the future as the game continues to improve. We will update you right here if anything changes or we find out any more information on the game's launch.

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