Is Splitgate Going to Be Crossplay?

Splitgate has taken the world by storm over the last few months. Going from strength to strength, the only issues so far have been with their servers.

With all this hype, you may be wondering if Splitgate has crossplay? Here's what you should know

Latest - Release This Month

Although we don't know the exact date, we know that Splitgate is tentatively planned for a release in August this year.

This being said, we could see another delay before its release date.

Will Splitgate Be Crossplay?

Yes, Splitgate will be crossplay at launch across PlayStation, Xbox and PC versions of the game. When looking at the rundown of features that Splitgate puts on its website, the following can be read;

  • Base Game 100% FREE
  • 20+ Maps
  • 15+ Modes
  • Crossplay gaming
  • Feature-filled matchmaking
  • Ranked, Casual and Custom games

For a free-to-play title, the content available appears to be second to none and from initial impression over beta periods, the gameplay seems to back this up.

Making Splitgate a crossplay title was really a no-brainer. When there is no cost to entry, it allows players on any platform to team up and play together which enables the community to grow that little bit stronger.

Splitgate Release Date

Splitgate currently doesn't have a defined release date just yet. Their most recent beta experience was so popular that it had to be shut down early due to the stress on the servers which affected game performance.

They are hoping to have the beta live again soon before launch but time may be running out and it's possible certain optimizations need to be made.

Hopefully, come launch, these issues are resolved or extra resources are in place to help things run smoothly. No developer should suffer because they've created a game worth playing after all! The team behind Splitgate is only small, so they have repeatedly asked for patience and understanding from players who encounter issues.

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