How long are the Splitgate wait times right now?

Splitgate has exploded onto the gaming scene over the last few weeks. After years in early access, it's now ready for its full release in mere weeks. As it's free to play and very popular, this comes with its own issues. Perhaps the single biggest issue in the game right now are about its servers, often taking over an hour to get into a game.

Although not immediately noticeable, there are a few pretty good ways of knowing how long you will have to wait to get into there, here's what you should know.

Splitgate Queue Wait Times

In response to all the questions, Splitgate set up an alternate Twitter account entirely dedicated to updating the server status. You can follow them to get all the latest updates on the server status, among some other updates.

This is a pretty good way to stay aware of how the game is doing in a fairly casual sense. It won't be that responsive or quick to alert but it is accurate. Luckily, if you want news quicker, you have a better option.

The Discord

Luckily, you can join the official Splitgate Discord group right now to get instant access to hundreds of thousands of players. Not only can you get instant feedback on your questions but you can get an update on how the server is doing and how long you have to wait to get into a game.

As you join, you will see a grouping called Server Status at the top of the group. It will have an estimated wait bracket telling you how long you will be stuck in a queue for.

With the recent update, that currently says only 1 minute to get into a game right now. Under that, you can find Casual Matchmaking, Ranked Matchmaking and Custom Games with a colour next to them. If they are green, servers are doing well.

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