How do you change weapons when you spawn in 1047 Games' Splitgate?

Splitgate is breaking records and it isn't even out yet. After finding out the servers could only cope with 65,000 concurrent players (and being downloaded by over half a million players), 1047 Games decided to delay Splitgate's full launch. This is the perfect time to learn everything there is to know about the game, like how you can change your weapon in Splitgate's multiplayer arena modes.

Below, we have everything you need to know about changing your weapons if you're not a fan of the spawn guns...

How To Change Weapons In Splitgate

We don't want to sound too coy when we say "pick up a new gun", but that really is the only way you can change your weapon in Splitgate.

In an effort to hark back to the original arena shooter titles that inspired it, Splitgate does away with custom weapon loadouts and forces every player to spawn with the same gun; this does change depending on the game mode, of course.

This means you can only change your weapon by swapping it out for one you find as Ground Loot during the match. Knowing where these weapons are, how to get there first, and how long it takes for them to respawn, is an important part of the early meta being crafted by 1047 Games' Splitgate.

Thankfully, finding a new weapon in Splitgate's multiplayer isn't too difficult. As you can see below, they spawn on illuminated spots around the map. The real challenge is making sure you don't die while you pick one up.

Splitgate Weapon Change
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SEARCH, THEN DESTORY - Finding a weapon in Splitgate is vital

As Splitgate is still in its Beta, we are expecting these locations to be tweaked and the spawn rates to change ahead of the full release sometime in August. For now, though, the servers are coming back and the Beta is going to continue. 1047 Games have stated that they're going to add some of the planned launch content on July 27th, but we don't know what just yet.

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