Will Splitgate be free when it launches fully?

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Splitgate has been in the works for years but, recently, its open beta has exploded. Now, with hundreds of thousands of players joining the game, there are so many questions lingering on our minds. From how it will operate to how you will play it, there's a lot of confusion out there. Perhaps the biggest question is about the price of the game. Here's when Splitgate will come out and whether it will be free to play.

Splitgate Full Release Date

Originally planned for release on July 27th, Splitgate's open beta has been live for some time. They delayed the launch to make room for some new changes and brand-new patches.

Unfortunately, we don't fully know when the game will officially launch but you can expect to see it arrive sometime mid to late August.

As it's so close, we can't see it delaying this launch again but, as it's in open beta, the official launch date isn't all that important right now. You can already play the game.

Is Splitgate free to play?

Splitgate is entirely free to play on launch. All maps and the base game are entirely free. For this reason, you may be wondering what kinds of monetization practices are in place. After all, the game has to make money to continue to function.

The team confirmed in a tweet two years ago that Splitgate will have monetary practices similar to COD and Overwatch, possibly with loot boxes and purchasable skins. Nothing you can purchase will affect the game in any technical sense, only cosmetic.

This is a great route for the game as it allows some long-term appeal with plenty to unlock without alienating new players unfamiliar with new weapons and characters. You can get in there yourself and start earning next month when the game launches.

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