Minecraft Nether Update Release Date: When will update 1.16.0 arrive? Java, Bedrock, patch, news, rumours, & more

Fans are waiting for the Nether update to arrive. When can we expect it to drop?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant
minecraft 1 16 0 release

Minecraft might be entering its 12th year, but new updates keep the game fresh and exciting for even the most seasoned player.

The latest update, 1.16.0, is set to bring a huge amount of new content to the Nether.

But the one burning question players have is when will it arrive?

Having been announced back in 2019 the waiting looks like it will soon be over, but we are still yet to get an official release date from Mojang.

Let’s look at the possibilities…

Minecraft update 1.16.0 release date

The Nether update has been in the works for a while. Snapshots have been available on Java Edition for a few months.

hoglins minecraft nether update 1
WHO ARE YOU?: There is a lot to discover in the new update

Initially unstable, they have slowly been polished up, improved, and finalised.

All indications are that the release date is closing in, so when will it be?

Beyond Minecraft Dungeons

One of the things slowing down the new update is the release of the next Minecraft spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons.

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This new dungeon-crawler game is set in the same universe, but with a clear story, progression, and more rigid world.

Minecraft Dungeons Battle scenes
SAVE THE WORLD: In the brand new Minecraft adventure

Due to come out on 26 May, it’s safe to say that Mojang would rather Minecraft players explore the new title than go exploring in the Nether.

We’ll have to wait for the new RPG adventure to die down a little before we see the new update released.

When will the Nether update come out?

So if the end of May is out, that puts us into June.

June is set to be a busy month for gamers with a potential PlayStation 5 reveal coming and of course EA Play, but that shouldn’t stop Minecraft.

Barring any coronavirus delays, we expect update 1.16.0 to arrive some time in mid-June.

netherite armour minecraft 1 16 0
NETHERITE: Better but rarer than diamond

It would be a surprise if we had to wait until July for the update. Recent snapshots have been exceptionally stable and it would seem to be close to finished.

Fingers crossed we get to explore a new Nether sooner rather than later!

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Toby Durant