Minecraft Nether Update Release Date: Java Edition Live, Bedrock rolling out, Update 1.16.0, patch, news, rumours, & more

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Nether update day is upon us!

After months of snapshots, unstable builds, and waiting, the 1.16.0 update is coming to the whole community.

But when will players get to experience it in full? Here's what we know.

Release Date

There is finally a confirmed date! The Nether update will arrive on 23 June.

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As predicted, the update will arrive before the end of the month. To be precise, it will arrive on all platforms and both Bedrock and Java Edition on 23 June.

Java Edition has arrived

Java Edition players can now enjoy the Nether update!

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The patch notes are extensive so dig in. There are also plenty of new advancements to go after.

Bedrock Edition rolling out

While Java Edition players are diving into the new content, those on console and Windows 10 are still waiting. The update is being rolled out though.

Mojang is rolling some parity updates and other bug fixes into the Bedrock Edition update, which may explain the wait. It also has to go through several different stores and systems before it arrives with players.

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It could depend on your system and location as to when the rollout reaches you. Stay strong and get ready to go adventuring!

Minecraft update 1.16.0

The Nether update has been in the works for a while. Snapshots have been available on Java Edition for a few months.

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WHO ARE YOU?: There is a lot to discover in the new update

Initially unstable, they have slowly been polished up, improved, and finalised.

When will the Nether update come out?


June has already been a busy month for gamers. The PlayStation 5 reveal had the wold gaming community buzzing, and of course there was EA Play too.

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NETHERITE: Better but rarer than diamond

That hasn't stop Minecraft though.

The Nether update will arrive on 23 June.

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