Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge Secrets: Locations, Guide, Chests, and more!

Looks like you may need a hand finding all the Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge secrets? Look no further!

Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge secrets

Brave the fiery forge, warrior, and you'll certainly get some great loot.

With tons of fans putting together guides all over the web, we found one from Youtuber Sipder. Here's our breakdown of the secrets guide.

Secret 1

Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge Secrets
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START HERE: You're already on fire! Credit - Sipder

Begin at the point marked on the map and head towards the top right.

You'll have to go just around the molten lava mound and the chest will be right there.

Secret 2

Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge Secrets
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NUMBER 2: Make your way to this point on the map. Credit - Sipder

Once you're done with that chest, find the area showed in the picture.

You'll enter the area from the top left of the map, then simply work your way down to the bottom corner.

The chest will be yours!

Secret 3

Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge Secrets 1 3
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TUCKED AWAY: Don't miss this one! Credit - Sipder

This one is easy to miss, so make sure you don't run past it!

There's a chest with your name on it!

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Secret 4

Minecraft Dungeons
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MORE SECRETS! This is where you want to be for the third secret of the level. Credit - Sipder

This one is slightly trickier to find, but not if you keep pressed against the wall on the right-hand side as you travel north-east.

Hug the wall, and you'll eventually find the third secret, but be careful - some residents won't be happy that you have!

Secret 5

Minecraft Dungeons
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ANOTHER ONE: Head here for yet another secret. Credit - Sipder

Same as before, be cautious with this one! You'll have to get through a ton of enemies!

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Secret 6

Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge Secrets 1 4
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ENTER HERE: A secret area awaits! Credit - Sipder

Resist the temptation to follow the main path and stick to the right as much as possible.

You'll find a door at this point. Head inside, activate the structure, and destroy all who oppose you!

You'll be rewarded with another chest!

Secret 7

Minecraft Dungeons
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NUMBER 6! A chest awaits you...if you survived! Credit - Sipder

Make your way through the labyrinth and try your best not to get downed, soldier!

You'll eventually come to this chest, after you make your way across a very small bridge over the lava.

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Minecraft Dungeons 1 1
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LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Head here for the final secret. Credit - Sipder

Find the spot pictured in the map above. You'll enter from the right-hand-side, then all you need to do is follow the path north!

Congratulations adventurer, you've found the secrets of the Fiery Forge, but what about that all-important rune?

For everything you need to know about Minecraft Dungeons, from how to beat bosses all the way to where to find runes - be sure sure to check back in with us.

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