Minecraft Dungeons: How to spend emeralds! Vendors, salvaging gear, & more

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Minecraft Dungeons is here at last and is captivating audiences.

Having received strong reviews it is certainly a game you can pick up easily and have fun with.

One of the main questions people have is how to spend emeralds in the game. Well, we have you covered.

Vendors Will Arrive At Your Camp

Besides armour and weapons, you’ll also be picking up emeralds as loot in every level.

Minecraft Dungeons Trailer Lightning Hammer Strike
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HOT TIP: Avoid the devastating lightning strikes or you'll be knocked down

These act as currency and you’ll be able to spend them at the two vendors in your camp.

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There’s a blacksmith that arrives after you complete the Creeper Woods level who will give you gear for emeralds.

There is also a wandering trader that shows after completing the Pumpkin Patch who will provide artifacts for your emeralds.

Purchasing from either of these vendors is similar to buying packs in Ultimate Team. You don't quite know what you'll get, and often it isn't what you want.

However, since emeralds are fairly easy to come by you can spend freely.

Avoid Hoarding

Now, while the average gamer's heightened survival instincts will be screaming “SAVE YOUR EMERALDS”, we would actually recommend the opposite.

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IGNORE YOUR INSTINCTS: Use those emeralds before its too late!

Both gear and artifacts are crucial to not getting overrun by mobs so every time you return to camp it is wise to buy some new pieces and see what you get.

Salvage Old Gear For Emeralds

Gear that you’ve got no use for can’t be sold, but it can be salvaged from your inventory!

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INVENTORY: This is where all of your gear is stored

This little gem of a feature turns anything you’ve picked up into emeralds – which you can then exchange for new gear.

Furthermore, when you salvage a piece of enchanted gear, you’ll some emeralds back as well as all of the Enchantment Points.

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