Minecraft Dungeons Desert Temple secrets: Locations, Chests, and more!

There are mysteries to be unearthed hidden with this world. Let us guide you to all the Minecraft Dungeons Desert Temple secrets.

Minecraft Dungeons Desert Temple secrets

The maps and screens are courtesy of Youtuber Sipder. Keep reading for our breakdown of their guide.

Secret 1

Start at the beginning of the map and head north!

Walk a few meters, descend the small stairs and the chest will be on your right.

It will be just next to the waterfall, don't go chasing it - continue north.

MInecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Secrets 1
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START HERE: Begin your journey to uncover all the secrets! CREDIT - Sipder

Secret 2

Once you continue north and slay a few foes, you'll want to take a left at the point shown in the picture.

Head down the stairs and follow the path to the left to get the next chest!

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MInecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Secrets
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TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT: Everything you'll want to own will be in a box to your left. CREDIT - Sipder

Secret 3

MInecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Secrets 1 1
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DIVE IN! Continue on and go into this area. CREDIT - Sipder

Once you've made your way through the map, you'll encounter an entrance marked in the picture.

Head on in, adventure, and prepare for battle!

Once you're inside, stay to your right. Once you reach a right turn, take it and head down the path.

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FIRST: Once activated this will beam out a blue light from the top. CREDIT - Sipder

After defeating a few enemies, you'll find this structure. Press it and make your way back heading in a straight line to the south-east.

You'll find another structure like the one you just pressed. Go ahead and press it again!

Minecraft Dungeons
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SECOND: Here's the other one! CREDIT - Sipder

For the third and final button, head to this location! You'll have to bring your A-Game, as there are loads of enemies which could potentially slay you!

MInecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Secrets 1 2
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THIRD: And the next one! CREDIT - Sipder

Once you press the structure, a bridge will appear which will give you access to the chest!

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Secret 4

The next chest is invisible, but still easy to find.

Just on your right when you're heading back out of the area, dash diagonally and it will be yours!

Minecraft Dungeons 2
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PICK UP A CHEST WHILE YOU'RE OUT! The next chest is super easy to find CREDIT - Sipder

Secret 5

Head over to this spot next, and you'll find another chest.

There will be a ton of enemies here, so prepare yourself for battle!

Minecraft Dungeons 3
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NEXT! You'll find the next chest here. CREDIT - Sipder

Secret 6

Next up, you'll want to make your way to this spot.

The chest will be in the pool of water. But don't be tempted to relax too long, some temple inhabitants won't be happy that you plundered their treasure!

MInecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Secrets 1 3
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ANOTHER CHEST! Head to this spot to find another! CREDIT - Sipder

Secret 7

Head south-west out of the large area, and take a right. There will be another chest waiting for you in plain sight!

MInecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Secrets 1 4
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CHEST DAY: Nothing beats the pump of some serious swag! CREDIT - Sipder

Secret 8

Now this one is tricky to find and you'll need to be looking at it from a different angle.

Continue on from where you found the invisible chest near the entrance of the area, and head down the stairs on the side of the wall.

There's a button hidden on the wall. Press it, and a door will open up.

MInecraft Dungeons Desert Temple Secrets 1 5
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TRICKY: You can't see this area if you're playing at a different angle CREDIT - Sipder

Congratulations Adventurer, you've found all the hidden secrets. Now you'll want to find that all-important rune!

For everything you need to know about Minecraft Dungeons, from how to beat bosses all the way to where to find runes - be sure sure to check back in with us.

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