Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines secrets: Locations, Chests, and more!

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Mysteries await you the latest showstopping title from Mojang. Let's help you uncover the Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines secrets!

Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines secrets

Redstone Mines has a ton of secrets to uncover, from hidden chests to the all-important rune!


The Minecraft community has exploded with fan-made guides - the following screens are from Youtuber Sipder. Keep reading for our breakdown of the guide!

Let's get started!

Secret 1

Start at the point shown in the map below. Head South West, followed by North West.

In other words...go to the left and follow the path!

MInecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines Secrets
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START HERE: And prepare yourself well hero! Credit - Sipder

You'll come to a clearing, just after you've crossed a bridge.

The chest will be right in front of you as pictured!

MInecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines Secrets 1 1
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THAT'S A WEIGHT OFF MY CHEST: Enjoy the bounty and get moving to find the others! Credit - Sipder


Secret 2

The next chest is super easy to find. Just destroy the few foes in your way and go to the point marked on the map below.

It will be just in the opening to the mine.

Grab what you can, as you will be descending into the world of the unknown shortly!

MInecraft Dungeons Redstone Mines Secrets 1
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MORE....MORE! Head North and you'll find another chest. Credit - Sipder

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Secret 3

When you bravely enter the mines, you'll have to slash your way through a bunch of spiders.

But this is just an appetizer for what's to come!

Head to the point marked on the map below and you'll find both a chest and a test. Be careful not to get swarmed, adventurer!

Annotation 2020 05 29 193319
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MINE, MINE, MINE! Take what is rightfully yours! Credit Sipder

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Secret 4

From this point, gear up and prepare for another onslaught.

Head southeast and try your best to survive a ton of enemies.

Once you rise victorious, head to the snowy mount shown below. Your reward awaits!

Annotation 2020 05 29 193810
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THE BEST OF THE CHEST: Well done...now just one more to go! Credit Sipder


Secret 5

Just one more wave of enemies awaits you.

Follow the path south and you'll get to the final chest.

Go on - open it! You've earnt it!

Annotation 2020 05 29 194329
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THE LAST HORAH: The final chest is located right here! Credit - Sipder

For everything you need to know about Minecraft Dungeons, from how to beat bosses all the way to where to find runes - be sure sure to check back in with us.

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