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29 Apr 2020

Minecraft Dungeons Characters: Classes, story, how to build & more

Minecraft Dungeons is turning the Minecraft experience on its head.

There's all new gameplay, characters, classes, and plenty more coming to Windows, Xbox Series X, and PS5. One of the most influential game franchises in history is innovating once more.

Let's take a look at what we know so far about Minecraft Dungeons characters and how you can build them.


arch illager minecraft dungeons

NEMESIS- The player must fight the Arch-Illager and defeat his armies

Minecraft Dungeons will have buildable player characters along an rpg system. You can play as a mage, warrior, archer, and more if you're creative with it.

Within Minecraft Dungeons there will also be story characters in-between the mobs of enemies. This includes the main villain of the game, the Arch-Illager.

Over the course of the game players will bounce between many objectives while fighting back the Arch-Illager's forces. Along the way players will meet many minor characters in the universe.

Mojang has come forward about the game's focus being mostly combat and character progression, but the narrative is still in there for those interested in it.

Building your character

minecraft dungeons endgame camp

CUSTOMIZATION- There are tons of different character types to try

Building your character in Minecraft Dungeons will be vital to your success. But this isn't your usual rpg class system.

There are several systems of progression for your characters, and you're never locked in to one build.

That means if you find that awesome bow or sword you're looking for, you can become a warrior or archer on-the-fly.

But don't think the fun stops there. Just because you become a mage doesn't mean you can't change it up during your adventure. And there are plenty of different character strategies to try out.