Minecraft Dungeons PS5: Will it be on Sony’s next-gen console? Mobs, weapons & more

Mojang’s next adventure arrives soon, but will you still be able to play it on Sony’s new hardware?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant
minecraft dungeons ps5

Minecraft is the king of accessible video games, and that should continue when Sony’s PlayStation 5 arrives.

Sony’s next-gen console is set to revolutionise gaming and raise the bar.

But many fans are worried about their game library becoming obsolete when the new hardware arrives.

Minecraft Dungeons on PS5

Minecraft Dungeons is set to release on 26 May.

That is well before the launch date of the PlayStation 5, which is still estimated at around the end of 2020.

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ADVENTURE TIME: The world needs a hero

So will Minecraft Dungeons be available on the new piece of hardware?


Thanks to the PS5’s backward compatibility you can buy the game on release date for PS4 and still enjoy it on the PS5.

Minecraft Dungeons Mobs

You’ll have to be on your toes in Minecraft Dungeons.

The game takes you out of your comfortable house and drops you into a classic combat-fuelled dungeon crawler that is full of bad guys.

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From your classic skeleton archers, creepers, and zombies to all-new mobs like the Redstone Monstrosity and Necromancer that will take a lot of skill and teamwork to beat.

Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Thankfully, along with upgraded enemies there are plenty of new and powerful weapons to use.

The trusty diamond sword will be crucial, but others will do more damage.

minecraft dungeons hawkbrand small
SWING TRUE: This sword of heroes looks good!

There are a range of bows that can deal extra damage or fire multiple shots at once to help you rain down on your foes.

Then there’s the Hawkbrand sword and Firebrand axe that can do serious damage up close.

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