Best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons: Swords, bows, axes, and unique items

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As any Minecraft adventurer knows, you are only as safe as your weapons are strong.

A stone sword isn't going to help you fend off a few zombies, but a diamond one will make even an enderman an easy target.

In Minecraft Dungeons the combat is taken up several notches but so are the weapons.

Thanks to the beta we've had a chance to look at some of the unique weapons that will feature in Minecraft Dungeons.

The best bows in Minecraft Dungeons

Thanks to the adaptable and customisable nature of Minecraft Dungeons you don't have to pick a player class at the start and stick rigorously to it.

Instead, you can pick up whatever weapons you want and get to work. There's no doubt that ranged attacks will be key, but what bows are out there to let you snipe away?

So far we know about five bows that each have different properties and bonuses that can help you in a pinch.

minecraft dungeons guardian bow small
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A TRUSTY FRIEND: The Guardian Bow is reliable

The Guardian Bow is your classic all-rounder and can deal extra damage with a charged shot.

There's the Red Snake which has a chance to explode arrows on impact and the Pink Scoundrel which will enrage mobs into attacking fellow mobs as well as doing ricochet damage.

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Perhaps the best though, is the Green Menace which has ricochet effect too but also a chance to spawn poison clouds. This is especially effective against hordes where you can deal a lot of damage for each shot.

There's also the Twin Bow that will fire two arrows and at separate targets, perfect for when you are outnumbered but it will drain your ammo quickly!

The best swords in Minecraft Dungeons

Want to get up close and personal? These blades are just right.

What is Minecraft without a Diamond Sword? While it lacks innate abilities it is a remarkably strong base for you to pile on enchantments that will turn it into a true blade of glory.

minecraft dungeons hawkbrand small
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FOR HEROES ONLY: This is a special sword

Then there is the Hawkbrand. This devastating weapon has an increased critical hit chance and deals exceptional base damage.

The Firebrand Axe

This is a true heavy-hitter.

minecraft dungeons firebrand axe small
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AND MY AXE: This is a hot commodity

The unique Firebrand Axe not only deals massive damage but it also causes any mob to burst into flames. It also has a spin attack move for 360-degree offence. It is a bit slower than a sword though.

The Nightmare's Bite

Now this really is unique. The dual-wielding style of these twin blades is sure to interest many.

minecraft dungeons nightmares bite small
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These two scythes spawn poison clouds, making them excellent for clearing out tight hordes of low-level mobs. They also attack much faster so are perfect if you want to hit & move.

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