Minecraft Dungeons: How to build archer class - Weapons, armour, artifacts, enchantments & more

Minecraft Dungeons is on the way, and it's not going to be your regular old Minecraft adventure!

This co-op dungeon crawler will be heavily combat-based, so get ready to smash through waves of mobs when we hit release day on 26 May, 2020.

Because of this, picking your play-style and balancing your squad will be key, but if you're an experienced dungeon crawler then things are a little different in Minecraft land!

Archer class

Everyone loves to pretend they are Legolas once in a while and take up the role of archer in a party.

Well, in Minecraft Dungeons you don't have to make that choice early on and commit to it.

When Does Minecraft Dungeons Release
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A LITTLE OF EVERYTHING: You'll need some ranged attacks to succeed

There is no classic "class selection" when you build a character. Instead, you can build a class on the go!

This flexibility and customisation means you can adapt your play style depending on who else is in your party, or what the combat situation demands.

How to build an archer class

So if you don't choose a class at the start, how can you build one in-game?

Well, it all starts with your pick-ups and looting!

arch illager minecraft dungeons
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BIG BOSS: The Arch-Illager will be your main foe

This isn't quite Warzone, but looting your surroundings and picking up items from fallen enemies will be key in Minecraft Dungeons.

You'll need to find your bow as you go, and keep a healthy stock of arrows too. Of course, that isn't the only thing you'll want.

Weapon enchantments

Just like in regular Minecraft, you can have normal weapons and enchanted ones. While you won't need to build a library and an enchanting table, you will need to get a bit lucky.

Key to progressing your class in Minecraft Dungeons will be enchantment points.

minecraft dungeons pre order
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BRING IT ON! Your olds enemy awaits

Kill mobs, complete levels, conquer questlines and you level up – this will provide you with enchantment points which you can spend on upgrading your weapons.

It isn't totally clear if all the classic Minecraft enchantments will be available, but if they are then using Punch, Flame, and Power will be the best ones.


Artifacts act as little power-ups within Minecraft Dungeons. We got a taste of these in the Beta, and there could be more to come but this is what we know right now.

firework arrow minecraft dungeons
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BOOM: Turn your bow into a mini-RPG!

From Firework Arrows that explode, to a Flaming Quiver (fire arrows) and a Wind Horn that knocks opponents back, there are plenty of artifacts that will be useful for an archer class.

There could well be more in the full-game, especially at later stages. Remember that you'll want to keep enemies at a distance and have an escape plan if a heavy mob gets close.

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